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Recent Posts Manager, Scott Spencer (former Manager, Paid Expert Research Team): [Karl Sala] “…was a vital team player and key to its success…”

Paid Expert Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher,
September 16, 2008 “I had the pleasure of overseeing a project that Karl was directly involved with. He was a vital team player and key to its success. Karl takes a tremendous amount of pride in the work he does and takes the time to ensure that it is done correctly. His dedication to help others succeed is one of the many characteristics that make Karl such a valuable asset.”

Scott Spencer, Assistant Manager, Operations, The Generations Network (; now Operations Manager, &/or

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Were your German ancestors SPD, CDU, Republican, Democrat, Tory, Labor or even a Know-Nothing?

I don’t know the political persuasion of my German ancestors, but I know they loved their families and were frustrated with the system–as are many of us. They & we are just doing the best we know how. Nobody can expect any more than that. I’m doing some fund-raising for Christian, conservative & non-profit causes like National Right to Life, Concerned Women of America, Navigators, Salvation Army, CARE, et al.

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BIGGEST NEWS? SOME German Parish Registers in ONLINE digital format? Yes! So far, some for Posen & Brandenburg! has updated its database of 1870 US Census records and added two new databases with West Virginian info this week to its online pilot program at The new additions represent over nine million new names. There are now over 477 million searchable names on the pilot site.

The pilot program has attracted thousands of volunteers who are extracting family history info from digital images of historical documents. The info they are identifying is then added to databases that are available for family history enthusiasts worldwide to access.

Current indexing projects include the 1920 U.S Census, 1869 Argentina Census, 1930 Mexico Census, 1945 Florida State Census, Louisiana Deaths, German Church Records [These are the ones we have used for our client, Lois J.], Italy Church Records, Spain Church Records, Venezuela Church Records and Nicaragua Civil Registration Records. is maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and provides resources and info for people worldwide to research their family trees.

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Referrals whom you provide to’s Karl-Michael Sala, will earn you a RESIDUAL 10% commission or research credit on either hourly or NO FIND, NO FEE research!  US, Immigration, or global Germanic, including European research, are all eligible.

Share This Post Content Manager, Hiley Kitto: Karl-Michael Sala “clearly a magician” with German Genealogy dead-ends

Hiley Kitto, former Content Manager,
Hiley Kitto, former Content Manager,

September 15, 2008  “When we worked together at and later at The Generations Network, Karl was known for his ability to find Ancestors when everyone else would hit dead-ends.  Karl is a pleasure to work with and clearly a magician at finding genealogical lines and names.”   Hiley Kitto, Content Editor, The Generations Network (

Share This Post International Team Manager, John Erbstoesser: “As our primary consultant for our German customer base, Karl[-Michael Sala]….”

John Erbstoesser, Manager, The Generations Network,’s International Team      September 16, 2008 “Karl is a valued employee who specializes in superior customer service and sales. His ability to adapt positively to changes while continuing to improve his personal performance sets him apart from other employees. As a team player, Karl tirelessly works to help others achieve their goals as well as always looking after the best interest of the business. As our primary consultant for our German customer base, Karl conducted training initiatives for many of our new clients while exhibiting superior performance in his German-speaking responsibilities.”  
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German Genealogy 101 or “How we saved our clients THOUSANDS of $!”

CAVEAT RESEARCHOR:  OK, so you’ve heard it a hundred times, but I must reveal it as a German genealogy research pre-requisite:  Exhaust all home & family sources prior to doing online or onsite genealogical research.

Usually in German-American research–even if you are aware of the precise name of the parish of origin in the Old World–it is generally wise to exhaust the various interesting & informative USA county, state & federal records & immigration resources. 

Also, there’s usually not much sense in “jumping across the pond” to Germany to do your German genealogy research in any country of Europe that had Germans–until you’ve ascertained the name of the parish of origin!  Yes, that is much easier said than done, of course. 

Two decades ago, I wrote an article for the Genealogy Helper Magazine. Thesis: by doing comprehensive USA, immigration and German ancestral & genealogical research, aka Deutsche Ahnenforschung, you’ll be so much more pleased with what you have for the data, documentation & image presentation of the family’s history!  You’ll also more than likely be much more prepared to get into the thick of Germanic research in the Old Country.

We refer to not only the resources of which you are aware, but also those about which a professional German researcher or global Germanic genealogist.  Our having inspected the foundations of numerous clients’ allegedly firm foundations, we found cracks & crevasses (OK, crevices, too{;>). 

COST, EFFORT & TIME-SAVING RESULTS:  Prevented our clients from having dug at the wrong roots (or no roots at all!)

Share This Post Call Center Human Resources Leader, Mike Moran: “Karl, we’re going to have to clone you!”

2006:  “Karl Sala!  We’re going to have to clone you!” 

Mike Moran, Call Center HR Leader, speaking about Karl’s Expert Research Team consultative sales, service & research skills that surpassed teammates, as per David Johnston, “5 to 1.”  Mike also chose Lynell & Karl Sala to assist with an Seniors Fair booth in Sandy, Utah. 

Share This Post Quality Control Manager, Jason Wood: Karl-Michael Sala’s “…knowledge of genealogy was unsurpassed…”

Jason Wood   July 10, 2008  recommended Karl on

     “I worked with Karl indirectly[,] managing the quality of the lines [inbound & outbound telephone calls] that the [customer service & sales] agents took. Over a period of many months I listened to a number of Karl’s calls. His knowle[d]ge of genealogy was unsurpassed and was able to pass his excitement and passion along to those he consulted.”
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In 2006, Asst. Manager, Benjamin Tyler: Karl-Michael Sala hand-picked as VERY FIRST Expert Genealogy Research Team Member!

“It was a pleasure to work with Karl on the Ancestry genealogy research team. He possesses an uncanny knack for rooting out the hard-to-find results. His unmatched tenacity coupled with his broad scope of knowledge and research skill fuel his success.” July 10, 2008   Benjamin Tyler, Assistant Manager, Member Services, The Generations Network managed Karl at

 Recommendations for Benjamin Tyler, Manager,

“Ben ably passionately led & motivated me [Karl] & others on the Paid Expert Research Team. I was the very first person Ben selected for the Research Team. My wife was second. Hands-on? Well, it was from Ben that I could count on several impromptu high fives, for he believed in me & what our team could accomplish. He let us work in small workgroups to solve some research cases. I regret that opted to deem the Research Team as not scalable. I miss working with this caring coach.” June 9, 2008  Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher, reported to Benjamin Tyler at
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