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Contact Us For Answers


Please contact us today if you are ready to hire the German Genealogist team, and ready to provide your target ancestral family’s details!



Wish to discuss your case over the phone? Call  1-888-456-7252 (24-hr. toll-free) or email 



Be sure to include ALL given names, Place & Year of Birth, Places of Residence during the US or UK decennial census years.  Alleged year of immigration (if appropriate), et al. miscellany, e.g. names of children, other spouses, parents, migration, military, religion, etc.  If unknown, please make a reasonable guestimate of time &/or place!



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  1. emma meyer

    how do you charge

  2. Hi Emma Meyer, The answer to your question is in the email we sent on 18 March 2011 directly to you. Supply a retainer & your first search is free. Here is what we wrote:

    Hi Emma Meyer! Our clients say it doesn’t cost–it PAYS–to have us do your research for you. We prevent our clients from barking up the wrong trees & digging at the wrong roots. It costs us at least 1 hour of time & once in a blue moon, we never solve the case. Most folks have thousands of $ of German Genealogy to be done. How many thousands can you afford? How many thousands of $ worth of your time have you already put into it? If we can find what you seek, what would that be worth to you? Please call 1-888-456-7252 to discuss your case, & email the data you know.

    Hire us @ $50/hr ($500 – $50,000 retainer requested; $50 minimum for ONE search). We don’t charge for everything we do, so it sometimes ends up being about minimum wage.

    However, we usually find in one hour what many people cannot find in a lifetime. No, you cannot hire us for one hour{;>) Our last two clients gave us an average of $10,000/ apiece. How many thousands can you afford? $50,000 is the max.

  3. David Salmon

    I wish to locate the German family of Gottlieb Clemens Viertel, born 9 Sept. 1828, in Poehla, Saxony, Germany, son of Christian Gottlieb Viertel. Clemens Viertel married Pauline Uhlman. First child Paul C. Viertel, b. 22 May 1854, second Magnus Arthur Viertel, b. 2 Jan. 1865,Koenign, Saxony, third Ernst A. Viertel, b. 11 Nov. 1867. 3 more sons, 3 daughters. Immigrated to Texas about 1869-70.

    Please advise on how best I can track them down, and an estimate of cost. I will pay a retainer for four hours of research now if you will provide a Paypal or other method for payment.

    Thank you.
    David Salmon

  4. Sala
    Submitted on 2012/02/10 at 1:15 pm | In reply to David Salmon.
    Hello buen amigo!
    Hi David, How did you find us? A person, search engine or another website? We pay 10% for referrals.
    MFHM1979@HOTMAIL.COM is for PayPal; for Karl-Michael Sala! We’ve been doing this great work since 1979 & the technology is getting ever-better for us & you!
    Estimates run from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on whether travel is required.
    Just send ANY amount with which you feel comfortable & you will get from Lynell & me TWICE what you pay for.
    With this offer, we hope that will encourage you to send as large a retainer as possible. We assure you, this is based on need, not greed.
    However, just send whatever you can afford &/or that amount with which other family members might help.
    We charge less than half of what’s research company charges & often crack cases they could not. They wish about $2,000 to start. We request, but do not demand, $1,000 to $10,000
    Please invite us as an editor to your tree on If you don’t have one there, you are missing out. Based on personal & professional experiences, doing that & having that could save you hundred$, if not thousand$.
    We would also like to view the data, documents & images you already possess pertaining to this case.

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