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Our success notes and activities regarding past ancestral research. Since 1979, it’s been quite a number of adventures for us.

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2021 Kudo (Difficult case: Zeszeo?) Nope. Call for Karl-Michael Sala @ 480-245-0879 if you have a budget for multi-country European research from a proven research married couple/team with 160+ endearing endorsements on! Hundreds of cases cracked, furthered & solved: The German Genealogist since 1979!

The German Genealogist
Published by Karl-Michael Sala, THE German Genealogist since 1979!
Just ONE of our ~160 numerous client stellar endorsements on
Kristy Dreyer · 1st degree connection * Special Ed Teacher at ISD 622
October 7, 2021, Kristy Dreyer was Karl-Michael Sala’s client.
“I recently started trying to research my family tree and was worried I had hit a hard dead end. A county museum’s written history, told by my great-grandmother, claimed her family came from a place in Germany no one heard of- -Zeszeo. [Nor was the location found in any historical gazetteer.] She had numerous last names attached to her, and I didn’t expect anyone to be able to track down who her parents were.
Karl-Michael Sala aka The German Genealogist since 1979! was able to crack the case: Zeszeo was in fact referring to Zierzow, and he even found a baptismal record that originally misspelled the last name, with the correct name in the margins. It truly took a significant chunk of detective work to solve the mystery, and I am so grateful he was able to figure so much out from just a few inaccurate and contradicting clues. Much appreciated!”

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Expert Professional German Genealogist

Debi Payne (client-patron) Debi hired you as a International German Genealogist at in 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I highly recommend him to anyone searching their European German roots from various countries that are no longer a part of Germany or Prussia. Karl-Michael Sala performed genealogical research for me & he coached me on how to do it, too! i am very pleased with the early result he has provided me with. I know Karl to be trustworthly, dedicated person who is very passionate about family history work. I feel very confident that I will be very satisfied with Karl’s work on my behalf.” June 13, 2012

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Karl-Michael Sala = Revolutionary Expert in German Genealogy, according to Karl’s former Team Leader!

John Erbstoesser, former’s, i.e. also’s International Team Leader; now Director of Business Development, Payroll Experts.  John managed Karl-Michael Sala.  About Karl,  on December 1, 2010, John wrote on

“Karl is a valued employee who specializes in superior customer service and sales. His ability to adapt positively to changes while continuing to improve his personal performance sets him apart from other employees. As a team player, Karl tirelessly works to help others achieve their goals as well as always looking after the best interest of the business. As our primary consultant for our German customer base, Karl conducted training initiatives for many of our new clients while exhibiting superior performance in his German-speaking responsibilities. His extensive expertise in German Genealogy made him a valuable asset to both and the numerous clients he served. Through his exceptional personalized service to clients as well as his innovative approach to genealogy, he revolutionized the way in which Ancestry would train their employees in providing a world class experience for the customers it served.”  [underlining & italics added]

Karl comments:  My innovative approach was to actually crack research cases for Ancestry’s clients!  You got a problem with that?  What an app!  What a concept!  Share This Post

TIME IS SHORT. 10% REWARD. We just received our largest client retainer–ever! WANTED: ONLY 2 more clients for research IN Germany! Call 1-888-456-7252 MAKE OFFER TODAY!



WANTED: ONLY 2 more clients for German Genealogy research ON-SITE IN Germany!  Call 1-888-456-7252. MAKE OFFER TODAY!

Now is the time for all good German descendants to keep their promises & come to the aid of their German ancestors!

Lynell & Karl-Michael SALA = = just received their largest client retainer–ever!

WHERE in Germany? From far north to southwestern Germany, Headquartered half-way in between in Kassel, Hessen, Germany (about 2 hours north of Frankfurt; 2 hours south of Hannover)

WHAT REWARD?  10% on-going, residual finder’s fee (or research credit) for referrals whose data you provide to us & whom we contact to give a free analysis & who hire us for German-American, USA, immigration or German research, online or offline. 1-888-456-7252

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Yet another German Genealogy research case is cracked! This time the MANZ case: conceived, strategized & researched alone by Lynell Pierce Sala, our Research Director!

 (photo as a 1972 18-yr old) Karl-Michael Sala  writes:
Coming in “the front door,” its solution was NOT apparent.  But by her trying the side-door & that tiny basement window–so to speak–Lynell Pierce Sala solved this MANZ case!  Having used an online gazetteer for Saxony (Sachsen), Prussia (Preussen), Lynell Pierce Sala,  our Research Director, ascertained the Catholic parish for Flessau.  Not that she was looking for Catholics, but rather the Evangelical Lutheran Reformed Church (Evangelische Reformierte Kirche) records.  But because the Catholic records for Flessau were listed to be in Stendal, Sachsen, Preussen (Prussia), Lynell hypothesized that Flessau’s Lutheran Reformed church members may have been a part of Stendal’s parish.  Indeed.   You see, there is no gazetteer for the Reformed Records, but rather just the Evangelical Lutheran parishes. <FastForward>
BINGO!  There was the target ancestor, having been born on the exact day the client thought!  Lynell Pierce Sala single-handedly cracked the MANZ case for our South African client.  The client has been emailed & has been requested to send another retainer to continue that research in the available microfilms–& that’s in addition to continuing on-site research in Germany on a few of his other lineages.  10/29/2010 update:  Large retainer wire transfer is on the way!
Lynell would not post this, but I will. I am so proud of our Lynie! She is a crucial link in our Team at
Home of the best German Genealogist(s) in the world. Get your German Genealogy research projects completed with the German Genealogist and his expert research team.

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MAP: Germans in Eastern Europe5.png

FamilySearch Centers  From FamilySearch Wiki via  “Karl Sala” via probably G David Dilts of the FHL of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City  &/or Ann Roach, a private German Genealogist who has–just like me–volunteered many hours at the FHL in Salt Lake City & in FHCs other states & countries.  This, to help patrons with their German-American Genealogy & Euro-German Genealogy & global German Genealogy in other worldwide countries research.

 There were certainly several East European areas where Germans were residing which are not shown on this map.  E.g. many German Lutherans in Lithuania (Littau).  There, Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala skillfully & massively researched the difficult old German handwriting & German Genealogy of SCHWELLNUS (SZWELNUS), et al. for a client who resides in South Africa.  However, this demographic map is a good start.

  • File: Germans in Eastern Europe5.png    
File:Germans in Eastern Europe5.png
Size of this preview: 800 × 600 pixels
Full resolution‎ (1,024 × 768 pixels, file size: 1.11 MB, MIME type: image/png)

Description: Map of approximate locations of major German settlements in eastern Europe, including Baltic Germans, Banat, Batschka, Bessarabia, Black Sea Germans, Bukovina, Carpathian Germans, Caucasus, Crimea, Dobruja, Galicia, Ingermanland, Orenburg, Poland, Samara-Kuybychev, Sathmar, Swabian Turkey, Transylvania, Volga, and Volhynia.
Drawn by: Diltsgd (FamilySearch Wiki).
Date: Original 19 June 2008; updated 9 March 2009.
Source: Own work.
Permission: Public domain. I, Diltsgd [FamilySearch Wiki], the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide. In case this is not legally possible: I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

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Specific–albeit limited–Village Censuses of Germans from Russia forthcoming!

  For the people of the Deutsches Reich (German Empire), many emigrated also to Russia!  Here is just a PARTIAL map of an area whence thousands of Germans migrated.

For German Genealogy Research, we now have access to the 2ndary (tertiary?) typescript .pdf & .txt source,  1857 Census of Eckheim, Samara, Russia.   It is now added to our 24/7 online account.  Several more should be forthcoming.  These are Censuses of predominantly Germans from Russia.  They’ll be in typescript format, showing the last name in both German & in Cyrillic lettering.  If you would like access to that or have us research therein or elsewhere in Europe for you, please call; then email your specific request.  Mail your data, documents & images, along with your $100 – $10,000  personal check or money order to:

Lynell or Karl Sala; 1303 Pearl Field; San Antonio, TX 78245 USAShare This Post

I Must Have Done Something Right.

German Genealogy & Karl-Michael Sala’s

From the “I Must Have Done Something Right” Department:
Over the last decade, at both my daughters’ wedding receptions, I very proudly sang & accompanied myself by having played piano for Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses.” 
  There were not many dry eyes on both momentous occasions, but  I was able to hold out until the songs were over.  I know I’ve gotta let her go, but I’ll always remember my 2 dandy daughters’ stunning spirits & their Butterfly Kisses.  

Now, from those two tremendous ladies, there are 4 gorgeous grandchildren–2 boys & 2 girls.  But, hey,  one more is on the way!  More to come on all our Precious Butterflies.

Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses (Country Version)
Music video by Bob Carlisle performing Butterfly Kisses. (C) 2005 Provident Label Group
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Having helped so many people with Google Adwords, I’ll now get to see myself Clear of it by offering SEO.

Wow. Stunning & crucial conversations with able attorneys, dandy doctors, budding business owners, financial fiefs, general gurus, health honchos, marketing moguls & more–& that was just the 1st 3 months!

Today, I consulted with & sold a financial spreadsheet wizard & a, uh, spread-cheek wizard: i.e., a genuine therapeutic prostate massager (oh, boy) for those who are usually elderly or otherwise suffering from true(?) prostrate pressures & problems. Too much detail? I thought so. Here’s more about the amazing prostate gland.
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Got Castles? Want Castles? OK, German Castle etchings or images?

RE: Our Link Exchange: and
(for German Genealogy research)

Kimberley Reid ·Illustrator Artist – — — and — Graphic Designer —

To: Karl-Michael SALA, Genealogist & Google Adwords Sales
Date: September 27, 2010

Hello [K]arl, Yes, a small banner ad of your logo would be best on my sites links section.

If you ever need any historical etching reproductions of German castles or other Euro countries, let me know. I have 17 German castles in stock:

— Cotrone Castle
— Ehrenfels Castle
— Falkenstein Castle *
— Heidelberg Castle *
— Hohenaschau Castle
— Imperial Castle
— Marksburg Castle
— Mouse Tower
— Neuschwanstein Castle
— Pfalz Castle
— Rüdesheim Castle
— Schwaneck Castle
— Stolzenfels Castle *
— Trifels Castle
— Unnoth Castle
— Welfen Castle
— Zwinger Castle

* multiple views of that castle. I know there are many other German castles I still need to collect. Over 500 Euro castles in total. Most listed on my page:

All my original scans are very high res and scale up into large posters nicely. We sell watercolor paintings of many castles too. My dream is to visit Germany and paint many of these castles on location. Have you visited many of these castles?

Nice to chat. Thanks. Kimberley

Hi Cimberley{;>) I am Karl; not Carl (altho’ the check cashes either way). No, I was always concentrated & focused on cracking client German Genealogy research cases. I like, of course, the castles in Kassel, Hessen, Germany: The Herkules & the Loewenburg.

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