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Karl-Michael Sala on March 20th, 2014

Prussia color map German States 1871 1918

Prussia or Preussen in green showing pockets of nonPrussia German States 1871 1918

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Langes Luch An der Luchbrücke: Finding difficult locations in Germany for a WW2 crash landing of a US bomber aircraft
Karl-Michael Sala,446824750n.html
In der Nähe von ,,An der Luchbrücke´´
Berg / Hügel Strese-Berg…Quelle: OpenStreetMap
In der Nähe von ,,An der Luchbrücke´´
Berg / Hügel Strese-Berg
Berge Galgen-Berge, Mühlen-Berge
Binnensee, Stausee, Teich Prierowsee, Pfählingssee
Farm / Landwirtschaft Gerlachshof
Kanal (Schifffahrt) Nottekanal
Wasserlauf Müllergraben, Königsgraben Zossen, Königsgraben Zossen

Stuart Charlton Thank you Karl-Michael, but I don’t understand the German..Strassenkatalog = Street atlas ? I will try google translate .. The Map shows only the word luchbrucke.. nothing to say what it is or was.. I guess it has some connection to the canal ?

Stuart Charlton OK. Karl-Michael _I checked the map foe An der Luchbrucke, but can only see the label. it is basically the same map location shown on the “Bike Map” I found yesterday.. What is it ? What does it mean ?

Stuart Charlton OK… in the vicinity of or close to.. But what is luchbrucke ? I can only see a field, a road and a canal …

Karl-Michael Sala Stuart Charlton: After WW2, my German mother, Opa & Oma lived “am Heiligenbrunnen” (on/at the sacred springs) & in Iserlohn, Germany there is “an der Langen Hecke.” Some other street-names begin with Im [in the] ___ & an dem = am ___. So what you see might be about right. According to Wikipedia, Langes Luch is a protected natural area. So, “an der Luchbrücke” is probably a road that either leads to, or perhaps runs parallel to, the [Langes] Luch bridge.

Langes Luch – Wikipedia
Das Lange Luch ist ein Naturschutzgebiet im BerlinerBezirk Steglitz-Zehlendorf am Rande des Grunewalds. Das Luch ist eine sumpfig-morastige Senke der Glazialen Rinne der Grunewaldseenkette zwischen dem südwestlich gelegenen Riemeisterfenn und dem Grunewaldsee im Nordosten. Die Wasserverbindung stell…

It must have been very mind-altering for my mother & father, who will soon have not one, but two boys to love & raise into the tremendous humans they later would become: David Ronald Sala & Karl-Michael Sala! Who me? Biased? Of course. But, hey, I now have 187+ WRITTEN endearing 3rd-party endorsements on Aug NYPL Sala Family Wm B Frieda David n Mike in utero on Western Airlines 1954 May arrival of my newlywed parents in the USA! Here I am in utero shown as part of my mothers weight.
Lynell says this is not my blog, but rather my Brag, ha ha. Here is my wife, Lynell (high school senior image): 1972Lynell 1954 May arrival of my newlywed parents in the USA! Here I am in utero shown as part of my mothers weight.

Karl-Michael Sala on February 3rd, 2014

1952 Sala David Ronald b i Freising3
Karl-Michael Sala
WOO-HOO! I am on Cloud Nine{:>), for, among other absolutely stunning data, documents & images, I just burned images of ALL the addresses at which resided my mother, her father, grandfather & great-grandfather–clear back to their births!{:>). Also, although the birth took place in Freising, near München, Deutschland – Germany, I also burned a 2ndary or tertiary source of a birth notice of my hero older brother, David Ronald Sala, father of David Sala, Daniel Sala, Darrick Sala, Christy Lee Sala, Brandi Sala. It also mentions the precise date that she marries my father & more… [Kassel, Germany] Einwohnermeldekartei, 1880-1945
Civil registration of addresses of residents near Kassel, Hesse-Nassau, Germany reported to the II (Second) Civil Registry Office. These records often contain birthdates, parents’ names, spouse’s name and marriage date, and children’s names and birthdates.

DID I SAY WOO-HOO!? Many more images, of course. — at Mesa FamilySearch Library.
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Matt Yancey If you dig hard enough you’ll strike genealogical gold.
Karl-Michael Sala Returning to the thick of the fray{:>)
Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Betseylee Browning: Great job! Congrats. Keep up the good work.
Pat Mickel You sure hit a goldmine. Congrats. I’ll have to keep digging.

Press Release
German Genealogist Receives 2013 Phoenix Award
Phoenix Award Program Honors the Achievement
PHOENIX December 14, 2013 — 2013 PhoenixAward German Genealogist has been selected for the 2013 Phoenix Award in the Genealogist category by the Phoenix Award Program

2013 PhoenixAwardGG German Genealogist has been selected for the 2013 Phoenix Award in the Genealogist category by the Phoenix Award Program

2013 PhoenixAwardGGplaque German Genealogist has been selected for the 2013 Phoenix Award in the Genealogist category by the Phoenix Award Program
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Karl-Michael Sala on January 25th, 2014

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RE: Koenigsberg (East Prussia) -Berlin
From Karl-Michael SALA Euro-German Genealogist since 1979!
To Margaret Andrzejewska-Bancewicz
Date Jan 24
Correction: Koenigsberg oder Königsberg {:>)
On 01/23/14 8:21 AM, Margaret Andrzejewska-Bancewicz wrote:
Hello Karl,
just to inform you that I am a licensed guide in Koenigsberg, Russia
I can provide 1- day or multiple day tours in Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad Oblast incl. Family Roots Trips ex-Gdansk ( meet and greet at Gdansk airport, transfer in a comfortable Chrysler Town and Country, city sightseeing, overnights -Berlin Hotel or similar, etc.)
There are also convenient flights from major German airports (Frankfurt, Munich , Hamburg, Berlin to Gdansk) I can also start the trip in Berlin . There is also a cheap train (6 hours) operating between the 2 cities.
With best regards,
eyt Klein Kniegnitz, Schlesien – now Ksieginice Male, Wroclaw, Poland

Karl-Michael Sala on January 11th, 2014

1868 Aug 31 Studer NY Passenger List German Genealogy research case cracked; patron cannot see itNorm Black
Thank you Karl and Betseylee for your help. Sorry it didn’t provide me with much new information that wasn’t already available on
Like · · Yesterday at 11:58am Top Comments
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Karl-Michael Sala of frustration. It was a challenging, fun & great case. It is interesting that the only Studer found having immigrated in the precise, target year (1868), had one of the given names of each person of the target couple. The ages matched within 2 years for him & exactly for her. In the original thread, there were other data, documents & images for support of our hypothesis. The two main German Genealogists in this community declare that your case has been cracked & solved. To prove or disprove it, you should now go to the Stein, Baden parish registers on microfilm. I believe you have some precise birthdates. Go see if you can find their births/christenings & allow some leeway on the year of birth. Regardless of what you & I think, in the Old World, the STUDERs might have been Catholic, Jewish or Lutheran. This, based on a perusal of all Studer entries from Baden in the FSL system. As was discussed in the original thread, convoluted as the FB system is (it was not designed for us), along with your newness to navigating the thread & its comments & images, this case has yet further research you can view & yet do. I’d have loved to have seen just who was a part of the household in the 1870 Census, but in spite of all my research prowess, I could not find them. Do you know (for certain) where they might have been in 1870? There are 2 locations called Stein in Baden. While that crucial image was found on, neither you nor any other known fellow Studer descendant had found it as an attachment, hypothesis or option{:>)

Karl-Michael Sala on January 9th, 2014

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