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[8/10/2014 1:49:28 PM on Skype] Sister Browning wrote: Hi! I am in charge of adding new admins to the Genealogy Research Communities. You are a big help on our Germany site. Your expertise is mind boggling….”

FamilySearch logo w family silhouette You are [Germany Genealogist is] a big help on our Germany site. Your expertise is mind boggling....

Karl-Michael Sala on August 20th, 2014

One in Mecklenburg & one in Pommern.

file:///C:/Users/Karl/Downloads/Mecklenburg-Schwerin%20Parishes%20and%20Towns%20(1).html Webutation

Mohsau Mozow Poland Using 1866 Germany or rather, German Empire Gazetteer, The German Genealogist cracks yet another case.Encyklopädie der Erd-, Völker- und Staatenkunde

Charmaine Carstens wrote: [Karl-Michael Sala went] From just a name [all the way] to a map of my ancestors place of origin is under two hours.[!] Thank you Karl-Michael.

Karl-Michael Sala replied: Ah, Charmaine Carstens, Gladly happened, they say in German. This is why I get paid the big blessings & sometimes even the big bucks. & this is precisely why I do not charge by the hour [for German Genealogy research]. Question: What makes you think I have the right place?

Charmaine Carstens: It’s a gut feeling. Just sounds right.

Charmaine Carstens: I stopped doing research for other people because people do not realize how much time it can take to find somebody. I’ve been looking non stop almost 14 years now for my grandfather without knowing anything more than what I started out with. I’ve spent weeks in various archives and nothing.

Mohsau Mozow Poland Using 1866 Germany or rather, German Empire Gazetteer, The German Genealogist cracks yet another case.

FamilySearch logo w family silhouette Ancestry.coms loss of The German Genealogist is a tragedy or a blessing?(Just in case you missed it, The German Genealogist has found for a client, indeed for Walter & Cathy Balmer)
Church records, 1836-1987
Authors: St. Paul’s Evangelical Church (Louisville, Kentucky : United Church of Christ) (Main Author)
Format: Manuscript/Manuscript on Film
Language: German English
Publication: Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1987
Physical: on 6 microfilm reels; 35 mm.
Notes Microfilm of originals at the church, Louisville.
Most of these records are in German with some English.
Includes indexes for many volumes.
Locality Subjects
United States, Kentucky, Jefferson, Louisville – Church records
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Film Notes (This family history center has 6 of 6 films/fiche.)
Note Location Collection/Shelf Film/DGS
Chronicles 1836-1841 Memberships, donations 1851-1860 Minutes 1852-1866 Trustees minutes 1860-1916 Council minutes 1898-1919 Family History Library United States & Canada Film 1531410 Items 7-11
Building committe minutes 1904-1908 Council minutes 1919-1928 Baptisms (Indexed) 1840-1850 Baptisms 1849-1859 Baptisms (Indexed) 1851-1857 Family History Library United States & Canada Film 1531411
Baptisms (Indexed) 1857-1884 (Last volume to p. 409) Family History Library United States & Canada Film 1531412
Baptisms (Indexed) 1874-1987 (first vol. from p. 408) Marriages (Indexed) 1841-1890 (last vol. to p. 309) Family History Library United States & Canada Film 1531413
Marriages (Indexed) 1871-1987 (first v. from p. 308) Deaths (Indexed) 1841-1922 Family History Library United States & Canada Film 1531401
Deaths (Indexed) 1923-1987 Confirmations, membership 1852-1980
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Karl-Michael Sala How ’bout them Kentucky German apples? It is indeed Amazing what The German Genealogist can do within 1 hour–even when has a server down & is NOT available online. Right, Cathy Balmer & Walter H. Balmer Jr.?

Cathy Balmer I think made the worst mistake in not keeping you on as an incredible asset to their Company!!! What a tragedy!!! Every time Walter and I are in your presence, I am in awe of your gifts and talents.

Karl-Michael Sala Thank you, Cathy Balmer for your kind words. That is because whenever we get together, the ancestral family masses gather around us & we find something substantial. I’d bet I will always continue to have a love/hate relationship with ACOM. Instead, people like YOU two get me as an able coach, counselor, researcher & friend. Things happen for a reason, I’m told. We’ll have to watch the big playback “video”–after this life…{:>) On more than one occasion, I have been called a “Miracle Man.” I have a huge legacy to live up to, along with keeping promises I made to those spirit personages I told you about today…
FamilySearch Where Generations Meet blue w white script Ancestry.coms loss of The German Genealogist is a tragedy or a blessing?

Karl-Michael Sala on June 9th, 2014

Jeannie Bess, Brand Partner at Nerium International
has recommended your work as a International German Genealogist at on LinkedIn
June 8, 2014 6:34 PM
Details of the Recommendation: “Karl-Michael is incredibly knowledgeable and a “Master” dedicated to his craft of genealogical research. Karl is relentless in his efforts to uncover the mysteries of tracing family lines, with an “I WON’T QUIT until the job is done” attitude. A man of vision, dedication to service, and superior integrity. These traits are ALL a part of what makes Karl-Michael the man he is.”Jeannie-Daniel Bess on Pinterest

Karl-Michael Sala on May 28th, 2014

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Karl-Michael Sala on May 17th, 2014