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Verbal & written letters of Commendation, Endorsement, Gratitude, Kudos, Praises & Wows from associates, clients, coaches, managers, patrons & prospects!

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103rd Endearing Endorsement for pro’ & pro bono expert German Genealogy Research!

German Genealogy patron, Pamela Protz Whitaker, Retired, (business partner)  was with another company when working with The German Genealogist

“I have found Karl Michael [Sala] to be detail focused and diligent in his efforts to help find genealogical connections to places and people that I would otherwise have no way of finding. Karl Michael [Sala] is a real gift to those hunting down their German Genealogy.” July 8, 2012

This kudo was given largely for advice, counsel & German Genealogy research done for her & others on a FamilySearch Facebook Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community page.  Karl was asked to serve as a key Admin for that page.  He cracks many German, Poland, & other European genealogy research cases there.

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Robin Foster of recognizes the pro’ & pro bono public German Genealogy research counsel provided by

Robin Foster


NATIONAL AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY EXAMINER, Genealogy & Social Media, writer, blogger, lecturer

Columbia, South Carolina ·

Robin Foster@savingstories   We Are Saving Stories Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @pschpilman @Heirs2U @germangenealogy

Karl-Michael Sala @germangenealogy   Karl-Michael Sala shorter link provided to a patron as a courtesy.  [This was for Brown County, Minnesota listings in FHLC. I thanked Robin for her recognition of our pro’ & pro bono public service!]

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Expert Professional German Genealogist

Debi Payne (client-patron) Debi hired you as a International German Genealogist at in 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I highly recommend him to anyone searching their European German roots from various countries that are no longer a part of Germany or Prussia. Karl-Michael Sala performed genealogical research for me & he coached me on how to do it, too! i am very pleased with the early result he has provided me with. I know Karl to be trustworthly, dedicated person who is very passionate about family history work. I feel very confident that I will be very satisfied with Karl’s work on my behalf.” June 13, 2012

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For your professional Germany Genealogy research, have you had enough reading articles, brochures, magazines? attending conferences, lectures, webinars? ordering books & microfilm?

When you’ve finally grown tired of it all, put a few $ into someone who, in just the 1st Q 2012, has cracked more Europe ancestry, genealogy & family history cases than EVER!

Since 1979: has found THOUSANDS of data, documents, & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients!

Since 2008:  has 97+ endearing endorsements from just folks who happen to be on!  My gosh, how many do you need to realize that this is a phenomenal research couple:  THE VERY 1ST TWO PERSONS HAND-PICKED by to crack cases for their subscribers!

2006-2007: Karl was selected as THE primary European research consultant, who actually spoke with NATIVE Germans about how to go about their German Genealogy research, both on[utschland] & elsewhere online!

After those two groups were tearfully disbanded, we created

It is the best thing we’ve ever done!

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A Professional German Genealogy Researcher on GENEApro!

Search Ads Genealogist For Hire Alsace-Lorraine (Elsass-Lothringen); Austria (Oesterreich) Belgium (Belgien or Belgique); Baden; Bayern (Bavaria); Berlin; Brandenburg; Bremen; Denmark (Dänemark & Danmark) England; Germany; Hamburg; Hannover, Lippe, Mecklenburg-Schwerin; Mecklenburg-Strelitz; Munich (München); Oldenburg; Ostpreussen; Palatinate (Pfalz); Poland (Polen); Posen (Poznan); Prussia (Preussen); Rheinland; Russia; Schleswig-Holstein; Silesia (Schlesien); United Kingdom; United States; Westpreussen; Württemberg,
Home » Genealogist For Hire » German Genealogist

$$500 to $50,000 (you pick)

German Genealogist
Street: 410 S SADDLE ST
State: Arizona
Country: United States
Zip/Postal Code: 85233-6810
Listed: June 6, 2011 7:28 pm
Expires: 181 days, 23 hours


“Karl[-Michael Sala (]! Quick! Help me find my ancestors—before I become one!”

Get a whopping 50% discount on your initial online research retainer! Call 1-888-456-7252
Got German, Prussian, Ancestry, Genealogy, Family History? Deutsche Ahnen? Email

Since 1979: has found thousands of data, documents & images on thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of clients!

1980-1990: Seven times of successful on-site research in numerous hamlets, villages & cities–behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia & East Germany–when it was not fun!

2005-2006: THE very 1st person handpicked to start the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Research Line. Why? How about an 80+% success ratio in finding what subscribers could not find!

Who was 2nd-selected? My wife, our Research Director. Lynell Pierce Sala singlehandedly cracked four matriarchal German lineage research cases–just in the last calendar year!

2006-2007: Selected as THE primary German Genealogy Research Consultant for who consulted with native Germans about their European research in various countries.

Since 2008: 60+ endorsements on Linkedin–& that’s just from folks who happen to be on Linkedin! Many of those are clients, colleagues & coaches! Many more were received privately, i.e. offline or just not on Linkedin.

2010 Alone: Cracked 10 cases in 10 locations in Europe: Germany, Lithuania & Poland

Since Jan 2011: About 1,000 images found from numerous Baden, Bayern & Württemberg Evangelical & Lutheran parishes. These massive findings are for our latest client, a former Deutsche Bank Director.

We pay: 10% residual (yes, on-going) reward for referrals! Yes, this is real.

Got Questions? 1-888-456-7252 = 480-507-3316

Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala

“The true definition of madness is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” – Albert Einstein

“If at 1st you don’t succeed, try another portal, in a different manner!” –Karl

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Joseph Lau, Director at Deutsche Bank has written on LinkedIn the 58th endorsement for Lynell’s & Karl-Michael Sala’s work as International German Genealogist at

Joseph Lau,·Director at Deutsche Bank has written on LinkedIn the 58th endorsement for Lynell’s & Karl-Michael Sala’s work as International German Genealogist at
May 5, 2011 Joe Lau wrote:
“With the birth of our first child, my wife and I were seeking a genealogist to assist in our German heritage. Karl and his wife, Lynell, have been fantastic. While still a work in progress (which can probably be said about most things in this world) the results so far have been great – they have assisted in going back to the ancestral villages in southern Germany for what is already more than 9 generations of family (he even found a number of lost relatives that we are now in touch with!). His skill with the language and ability to make sense of many of these historical German documents has been key in getting to where he has – a process we know we would never be able to do ourselves.
I look forward to continuing to work with him in this endeavor.

Joe Lau
Service Category: Genealogist Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

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Karl-Michael Sala = Revolutionary Expert in German Genealogy, according to Karl’s former Team Leader!

John Erbstoesser, former’s, i.e. also’s International Team Leader; now Director of Business Development, Payroll Experts.  John managed Karl-Michael Sala.  About Karl,  on December 1, 2010, John wrote on

“Karl is a valued employee who specializes in superior customer service and sales. His ability to adapt positively to changes while continuing to improve his personal performance sets him apart from other employees. As a team player, Karl tirelessly works to help others achieve their goals as well as always looking after the best interest of the business. As our primary consultant for our German customer base, Karl conducted training initiatives for many of our new clients while exhibiting superior performance in his German-speaking responsibilities. His extensive expertise in German Genealogy made him a valuable asset to both and the numerous clients he served. Through his exceptional personalized service to clients as well as his innovative approach to genealogy, he revolutionized the way in which Ancestry would train their employees in providing a world class experience for the customers it served.”  [underlining & italics added]

Karl comments:  My innovative approach was to actually crack research cases for Ancestry’s clients!  You got a problem with that?  What an app!  What a concept! 

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$10,000 request for German Genealogy research? How do you do it?

Originally submitted on 2010/09/15
Jo Meyer
wrote: Ten thousand dollars to someone on the internet. wow. How do you do it?

Karl-Michael Sala replies: Yes, & how do we have the confidence to request large-size retainers from total strangers who live thousands of kilometers/miles away across the ocean & reside on other continents?

As one client emphatically stated: “With flair & panache!” OK, it was by electronic funds transfer (EFT)–but only after an excellent fact-finding, relationship-building, excellent conversation & email exchanges about their German Genealogy Research.

How we can command these sorts of retainers is simply because we can perform searches with analysis, data, documents & images that the above search engines & many other researchers simply canNOT perform! With our expert experience, we can be even more googly than Googlers at Google! Yes, using Google also, I perchance work independently for clients .

FACTS & TRACK RECORD: Since 1979, Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients (paid expert consultative research) & patrons (volunteer FHC & private consultative work)! Our objective is to move that final “HUNDREDS” statistic into the “THOUSANDS” range. We’re not far.

The retainer request amount is a mindset, but securing larger retainers for research does not happen very often. You see, most people actually & truly have thousands of $ of research that needs be done.

The clients who have paid us large retainers ($1,000+) have never complained. The clients who gave us the most trouble are the ones who gave us the smallest retainers! Is there a message here? We are not in the welfare business & German Genealogy Research is not welfare! The advent of the internet causes many to say that “genealogy should be free.” OK, perhaps. But German Genealogy Research is not!

Expensive? No, Ma’am. Expensive is when you spend 30 years just TRYING to find what we often find in one day! Some people spend thousands of $ just “visiting” Germany to just “see the land of their ancestors.” How would it be if we helped you find the specific village & introduce you to (historical images of data & documents of) your German ancestral family members?

Lois Jurss paid me $1,000 for something I found within one day–the name of the precise Polish (actually Prussian at the time) village whence her target ancestor originated: Tirschtiegel, Posen, Preussen; now Trzciel, Poznan, Poland. Was she upset? Heck, no. She’d been seeking that data for over a decade! We seek more clients like Lois.

After conversations & emails, a recent client paid an advance of several thousand $ for our team of German researchers. This, to get all over their German ancestry, genealogy & family history! We found pertinent data on each of the four lineages! One is inconclusive. The others are startling successes.

This client had put “German Genealogist” in an online Search Engine. Guess who comes up to the top of the list? Right. We do: It is called Search Engine Optimization. Would you like to also be SEO’d? Email my webmaster:

The client via his office assistant had been trying in vain to do geographically dispersed genealogy research on their own. In frustration–along with a fervent desire for dual citizenship–they finally contacted me through this website. They subsequently called & emailed me from South Africa. I suppose there are not very many professional German Genealogists in South Africa who could effectively handle his difficult cases.

We ascertained precisely which of several Hillesheims was the correct one. We then found one ancestor not in that parish, but rather a neighboring parish entirely. Thank goodness within the target parish of Hillesheim Kreis Oppenheim (not Daun), we found mention of the male spouse of another person by the same last name had come from that second locale–just 3 kilometers down the road! Well, that now becomes a research hypothesis that will require some further on-site research. Priced any flights to Germany lately?

After that case, we then scoured & exhausted the difficult records for the parish of Schakuhnen or Schakendorf (depending on who’s doing the writing & when). Specifically, but along with other Doerfer (villages) within that parish: Luttkomanscheit, et var., which we ascertained was once known also as “Luttken.” All were once a part of Ostpreussen or East Prussia, but are now in Lithuania, a former Soviet Socialist Republic.

If you ever published anything, you know what I mean when I say: Most of the ready-for-publication research is digitized, cropped, enlarged, analyzed, reported on, tweaked & uploaded by numerous specific family- & surnmame-oriented research reports on–oh, gosh–two different Mueller lines (Germany & Poland); Schwellnus/Szwelnus.

Just since Memorial Day 2010, my research director wife & I, Karl-Michael Sala aka have cracked 6 cases in 6 locations! To take the analogy yet further, we have extended beyond the crack & have gone much deeper in quantity & quality!

“Lynell & Karl! Please find my ancestors–before I become one!”

Yes, you may quote me & our clients, but please provide our full names & websites: Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala = & 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr toll-free US/CANADA)

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You know you’ve arrived when prospects research & Google you; then call you at home{;>)

ell, I wish it were for German Genealogy research, but it was for a $500/day online Google Adwords acct.

Mark L., who actually happens to live in my neck of the woods, investigated me personally to ensure that my calling a friend of his was no scam. It’s not, so after a great conversation which encouraged him, he’ll be emailing me his URL & data for consideration. Or, perhaps, he just looked me up online & read my profile at Either way, based on what he read, he thought my profile indicated that I seemed like I might be more than qualified to work his account.

I do the same thing at work: Some call with Google-oriented customer service questions. I consult & counsel & solve what I can. Then, I offer the complimentary account build (if they qualify).

It is not publicized, but my Google Adwords clients now have 2,000,000+ impressions (ad online showings) & 10,000+ clicks! Clicks means they went to the website’s landing page affixed by one of our astounding Marketing Campaign Specialists.

Yesterday, I signed up a Texas vehicle hauler for $250/day budget. It took some time, but he is now enthused that we’ll be building his account (takes about 3-5 business days, because, due to popularity of online advertising, the queue is getting ever longer. I’m both bragging & complaining.)

Interested? Call me at 1-800-826-9988 opt. 1 x23738 9-6pm PST

Email your details to

Oh, & if you’re interested in USA, immigration or Euro-Germanic, Germany or Prussia genealogy, I’m still your man. OK, Lynell is, too{;>)

I have now 46+ endearing endorsements on; & that’s just since 2008! & that’s just from folks who happen to be on Linkedin!

At, we ascertain the needs of the customer & fulfill those usually even better than they thought we could. If they qualify with a substantial budget, for no cost other than the Cost-per-Click (CPC), we can usually build an advertising campaign for them; give them a 2-wk & a 4-wk Search Engine Marketing Optimization (SEMO).

Wow, what a great Saturday–& I’m not even at work! What would some online target-marketing be worth to you, your mission & vision? <

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Endorsement by former Detroit auto engineer, for German Genealogy & Family History Research Done By Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral Germanic Genealogist since 1979! a/k/a since 2008!

Endorsement for Family History Research Done By Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral Germanic Genealogist since 1979! since 2008!

by Karl Schipper, a Detroit auto engineer, who is a stickler for details

Having hired Karl-Michael Sala saved me dollars, efforts, frustration & research time! During 2007-2008, Karl and his wife, Lynell, meticulously researched my ancestral family members from several villages in and around Kreis Rastenburg in Ostpreussen (East Prussia), 1884 –> 1741.

I provided Karl the name of the ancestral village (Ploetnick) and sufficient data to provide the foundation of the family tree. Karl found them not only in Plötnick, but going back in time, he also ascertained and researched a few other nearby parishes or origin for other ancestral family members!

Karl is adamant about having a firm foundation upon which to work. This is because he has often found cracks or flaws in the research already done by the client. A firm foundation significantly reduces the risk of researching the wrong family, saving time and money.

The ability to obtain records from East Prussia is usually problematic, for many parish registers & churches of Prussia were destroyed during World Wars 1 and 2. In my case, Karl was able to locate microfilmed records right here in the USA for the target European locations. A cost-saving service Karl provides is to verify that records exist and that the family name is truly in the records–before he takes on the project!

Karl and Lynell do more than just provide data for a family tree. The records they locate usually contain other interesting facts that are given to the client.

For example, one of my 4th great-grandfathers, a widower, age 50. an innkeeper, marries my 4th great grandmother, age 23. Their first child was born 2 months later and they had an additional 5 children afterwards. This method of providing data makes the ancestors real–instead of just a series of dates and places.

He also provided very detailed images (1:100,000) of pre-WW1 and modern maps showing locations of ancestral family members’ villages.

Karl provides detailed sources for each datum he provides. Foreign language documents written in the old Germanic Handschrift (digital or paper) are highlighted showing the data referred to. This provides documentation that assures even the unschooled client that the data Karl provides is accurate.
Old German Type & Handwriting

He also provides names of web sites the client may be interested in perusing more about the history of the area of ancestral origin.

If a client wishes, Karl also takes on the role of research instructor. This allows the client to follow his work and learn the process he goes through. He is happy to share his research knowledge. As a Detroit auto engineer, who is a stickler for details, I am grateful to have learned much from Karl about the research process.

Karl Schipper

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