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Stunning success stories we’ve had with German genealogical research that energize, inspire, motivate or provide awe & satisfaction.

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2021 Kudo (Difficult case: Zeszeo?) Nope. Call for Karl-Michael Sala @ 480-245-0879 if you have a budget for multi-country European research from a proven research married couple/team with 160+ endearing endorsements on! Hundreds of cases cracked, furthered & solved: The German Genealogist since 1979!

The German Genealogist
Published by Karl-Michael Sala, THE German Genealogist since 1979!
Just ONE of our ~160 numerous client stellar endorsements on
Kristy Dreyer · 1st degree connection * Special Ed Teacher at ISD 622
October 7, 2021, Kristy Dreyer was Karl-Michael Sala’s client.
“I recently started trying to research my family tree and was worried I had hit a hard dead end. A county museum’s written history, told by my great-grandmother, claimed her family came from a place in Germany no one heard of- -Zeszeo. [Nor was the location found in any historical gazetteer.] She had numerous last names attached to her, and I didn’t expect anyone to be able to track down who her parents were.
Karl-Michael Sala aka The German Genealogist since 1979! was able to crack the case: Zeszeo was in fact referring to Zierzow, and he even found a baptismal record that originally misspelled the last name, with the correct name in the margins. It truly took a significant chunk of detective work to solve the mystery, and I am so grateful he was able to figure so much out from just a few inaccurate and contradicting clues. Much appreciated!”

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German genealogy research in online Evangelische Kirchenbücher (church books or parish registers) in Deutschland (Germany)

 Brick Wall Buster
for many, but not all, German Evangelical church books, i.e. parish registers.
1744 Jan 24 m in Elgershausen Bild 812 Meister s Poppenheger

as lifted from Portal Ahnenforschung Österreich – Genealogie    3 hrs ·

Ein Blick über die Grenzen. Diesmal evangelische Kirchenbücher in Deutschland:

“Die Kirchenbuchportal GmbH als Betreiber der Marke Archion wurde im Mai 2013 von der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland zusammen mit elf evangelischen Landeskirchen mit Sitz in Stuttgart gegründet.

Ziel ist es, über ein eigenes Internetportal Kirchenbücher und andere biografische Quellen online zur Verfügung zu stellen.”

Das Portal ist kostenpflichtig:

Aufgrund des einjährigen Betriebes bietet Archion im Zeitraum 15. März bis 30. April 2016 20 % Jubiläumsrabatt an:

Kontingent 20 Tage: 47,90 € (regulär 59,90 €)
Dreimonatspass: 41,70 € (regulär 52,20 €)
Jahrespass: 143,00 € (regulär 178,80 €)

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103rd Endearing Endorsement for pro’ & pro bono expert German Genealogy Research!

German Genealogy patron, Pamela Protz Whitaker, Retired, (business partner)  was with another company when working with The German Genealogist

“I have found Karl Michael [Sala] to be detail focused and diligent in his efforts to help find genealogical connections to places and people that I would otherwise have no way of finding. Karl Michael [Sala] is a real gift to those hunting down their German Genealogy.” July 8, 2012

This kudo was given largely for advice, counsel & German Genealogy research done for her & others on a FamilySearch Facebook Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community page.  Karl was asked to serve as a key Admin for that page.  He cracks many German, Poland, & other European genealogy research cases there.

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Robin Foster of recognizes the pro’ & pro bono public German Genealogy research counsel provided by

Robin Foster


NATIONAL AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY EXAMINER, Genealogy & Social Media, writer, blogger, lecturer

Columbia, South Carolina ·

Robin Foster@savingstories   We Are Saving Stories Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @pschpilman @Heirs2U @germangenealogy

Karl-Michael Sala @germangenealogy   Karl-Michael Sala shorter link provided to a patron as a courtesy.  [This was for Brown County, Minnesota listings in FHLC. I thanked Robin for her recognition of our pro’ & pro bono public service!]

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For your professional Germany Genealogy research, have you had enough reading articles, brochures, magazines? attending conferences, lectures, webinars? ordering books & microfilm?

When you’ve finally grown tired of it all, put a few $ into someone who, in just the 1st Q 2012, has cracked more Europe ancestry, genealogy & family history cases than EVER!

Since 1979: has found THOUSANDS of data, documents, & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients!

Since 2008:  has 97+ endearing endorsements from just folks who happen to be on!  My gosh, how many do you need to realize that this is a phenomenal research couple:  THE VERY 1ST TWO PERSONS HAND-PICKED by to crack cases for their subscribers!

2006-2007: Karl was selected as THE primary European research consultant, who actually spoke with NATIVE Germans about how to go about their German Genealogy research, both on[utschland] & elsewhere online!

After those two groups were tearfully disbanded, we created

It is the best thing we’ve ever done!

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Karl-Michael Sala = Revolutionary Expert in German Genealogy, according to Karl’s former Team Leader!

John Erbstoesser, former’s, i.e. also’s International Team Leader; now Director of Business Development, Payroll Experts.  John managed Karl-Michael Sala.  About Karl,  on December 1, 2010, John wrote on

“Karl is a valued employee who specializes in superior customer service and sales. His ability to adapt positively to changes while continuing to improve his personal performance sets him apart from other employees. As a team player, Karl tirelessly works to help others achieve their goals as well as always looking after the best interest of the business. As our primary consultant for our German customer base, Karl conducted training initiatives for many of our new clients while exhibiting superior performance in his German-speaking responsibilities. His extensive expertise in German Genealogy made him a valuable asset to both and the numerous clients he served. Through his exceptional personalized service to clients as well as his innovative approach to genealogy, he revolutionized the way in which Ancestry would train their employees in providing a world class experience for the customers it served.”  [underlining & italics added]

Karl comments:  My innovative approach was to actually crack research cases for Ancestry’s clients!  You got a problem with that?  What an app!  What a concept!  Share This Post

Yet another German Genealogy research case is cracked! This time the MANZ case: conceived, strategized & researched alone by Lynell Pierce Sala, our Research Director!

 (photo as a 1972 18-yr old) Karl-Michael Sala  writes:
Coming in “the front door,” its solution was NOT apparent.  But by her trying the side-door & that tiny basement window–so to speak–Lynell Pierce Sala solved this MANZ case!  Having used an online gazetteer for Saxony (Sachsen), Prussia (Preussen), Lynell Pierce Sala,  our Research Director, ascertained the Catholic parish for Flessau.  Not that she was looking for Catholics, but rather the Evangelical Lutheran Reformed Church (Evangelische Reformierte Kirche) records.  But because the Catholic records for Flessau were listed to be in Stendal, Sachsen, Preussen (Prussia), Lynell hypothesized that Flessau’s Lutheran Reformed church members may have been a part of Stendal’s parish.  Indeed.   You see, there is no gazetteer for the Reformed Records, but rather just the Evangelical Lutheran parishes. <FastForward>
BINGO!  There was the target ancestor, having been born on the exact day the client thought!  Lynell Pierce Sala single-handedly cracked the MANZ case for our South African client.  The client has been emailed & has been requested to send another retainer to continue that research in the available microfilms–& that’s in addition to continuing on-site research in Germany on a few of his other lineages.  10/29/2010 update:  Large retainer wire transfer is on the way!
Lynell would not post this, but I will. I am so proud of our Lynie! She is a crucial link in our Team at
Home of the best German Genealogist(s) in the world. Get your German Genealogy research projects completed with the German Genealogist and his expert research team.

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I Must Have Done Something Right.

German Genealogy & Karl-Michael Sala’s

From the “I Must Have Done Something Right” Department:
Over the last decade, at both my daughters’ wedding receptions, I very proudly sang & accompanied myself by having played piano for Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses.” 
  There were not many dry eyes on both momentous occasions, but  I was able to hold out until the songs were over.  I know I’ve gotta let her go, but I’ll always remember my 2 dandy daughters’ stunning spirits & their Butterfly Kisses.  

Now, from those two tremendous ladies, there are 4 gorgeous grandchildren–2 boys & 2 girls.  But, hey,  one more is on the way!  More to come on all our Precious Butterflies.

Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses (Country Version)
Music video by Bob Carlisle performing Butterfly Kisses. (C) 2005 Provident Label Group
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Having helped so many people with Google Adwords, I’ll now get to see myself Clear of it by offering SEO.

Wow. Stunning & crucial conversations with able attorneys, dandy doctors, budding business owners, financial fiefs, general gurus, health honchos, marketing moguls & more–& that was just the 1st 3 months!

Today, I consulted with & sold a financial spreadsheet wizard & a, uh, spread-cheek wizard: i.e., a genuine therapeutic prostate massager (oh, boy) for those who are usually elderly or otherwise suffering from true(?) prostrate pressures & problems. Too much detail? I thought so. Here’s more about the amazing prostate gland.
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You know you’ve arrived when prospects research & Google you; then call you at home{;>)

ell, I wish it were for German Genealogy research, but it was for a $500/day online Google Adwords acct.

Mark L., who actually happens to live in my neck of the woods, investigated me personally to ensure that my calling a friend of his was no scam. It’s not, so after a great conversation which encouraged him, he’ll be emailing me his URL & data for consideration. Or, perhaps, he just looked me up online & read my profile at Either way, based on what he read, he thought my profile indicated that I seemed like I might be more than qualified to work his account.

I do the same thing at work: Some call with Google-oriented customer service questions. I consult & counsel & solve what I can. Then, I offer the complimentary account build (if they qualify).

It is not publicized, but my Google Adwords clients now have 2,000,000+ impressions (ad online showings) & 10,000+ clicks! Clicks means they went to the website’s landing page affixed by one of our astounding Marketing Campaign Specialists.

Yesterday, I signed up a Texas vehicle hauler for $250/day budget. It took some time, but he is now enthused that we’ll be building his account (takes about 3-5 business days, because, due to popularity of online advertising, the queue is getting ever longer. I’m both bragging & complaining.)

Interested? Call me at 1-800-826-9988 opt. 1 x23738 9-6pm PST

Email your details to

Oh, & if you’re interested in USA, immigration or Euro-Germanic, Germany or Prussia genealogy, I’m still your man. OK, Lynell is, too{;>)

I have now 46+ endearing endorsements on; & that’s just since 2008! & that’s just from folks who happen to be on Linkedin!

At, we ascertain the needs of the customer & fulfill those usually even better than they thought we could. If they qualify with a substantial budget, for no cost other than the Cost-per-Click (CPC), we can usually build an advertising campaign for them; give them a 2-wk & a 4-wk Search Engine Marketing Optimization (SEMO).

Wow, what a great Saturday–& I’m not even at work! What would some online target-marketing be worth to you, your mission & vision? < Share This Post