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For your professional Germany Genealogy research, have you had enough reading articles, brochures, magazines? attending conferences, lectures, webinars? ordering books & microfilm?

When you’ve finally grown tired of it all, put a few $ into someone who, in just the 1st Q 2012, has cracked more Europe ancestry, genealogy & family history cases than EVER!

Since 1979: has found THOUSANDS of data, documents, & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients!

Since 2008:  has 97+ endearing endorsements from just folks who happen to be on!  My gosh, how many do you need to realize that this is a phenomenal research couple:  THE VERY 1ST TWO PERSONS HAND-PICKED by to crack cases for their subscribers!

2006-2007: Karl was selected as THE primary European research consultant, who actually spoke with NATIVE Germans about how to go about their German Genealogy research, both on[utschland] & elsewhere online!

After those two groups were tearfully disbanded, we created

It is the best thing we’ve ever done!

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