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Category: Shock & Awe! (Success Stories)

Stunning success stories we’ve had with German genealogical research that energize, inspire, motivate or provide awe & satisfaction.

Recent Posts is an & former Employee, Expert, & Fan!

For their clients, Karl & Lynell have found data & documents on thousands of living & deceased persons. Ancestral Intelligence Agency has solved cases that others said “can’t be done!” Karl & his wife, Lynell, in 2006, were THE very first two persons selected at for their short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Research Team! When that project was abandoned, because of his language & research skills, Karl was promoted to taking the majority of research-oriented emails & phone calls from Europe” for, the Deutschland, i.e. Germany, version of! On the International Team, Karl served as a consultant for Australia, Austria, Great Britain & mainland Europe!

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HIGH SUCCESS RATIO! In the last year, not one, but two people have contacted me via my website; both provide what they seek. Skillfully, I find their ancestor on an immigrant ship AND the emigrant ship that departed Hamburg AND a previously unknown ancestral town of origin in Germany. I email, no reply; I call; the first one feels I am somehow ripping her off. Mind you, there was no demand made. The other says that she just put $20k into her house. She does not wish to pay me anything for this successful work. It required skill, language & transcription by a laborer in your vineyard, worthy of his hire! It was worth twice the amount I asked. Really? You can’t send anything? Nada? Zippo? Zilch? Then, why did you make a request on my website? I love to crack & solve cases, but the last time I departed the grocery store with several items, they actually wanted me to pay for the stuff. The landlord & Caesar also want their due. Go figure. While I might feel a little better having blogged about this incident, the bills remain unpaid. If someone found my Sala ancestor in Europe, I’d be all over it asking if they would accept a partial payment & monthly payments! Wouldn’t you?

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Want to hire a German Genealogist for your German Genealogy? Go with a proven one: Karl-Michael Sala!

Karl-Michael Sala = The German Genealogist
Karl-Michael Sala = The German Genealogist
50% discount on your initial international genealogy research retainer! So, the larger your retainer, the bigger the research bang for your buck!

10% RESIDUAL (yes, on-going) research credit or commission paid out for referrals! Unheard of! But then, since 1979, Karl is always performing unheard of research practices & procedures. To wit, Karl is having “heard of” research successes for his global, international German genealogy research clients!

To wit: Since 1979, The German Genealogist, Karl-Michael Sala, has found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, friends, family, patrons & himself !

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Massive old German handwriting translations for my own ancestry–what a concept!

Kassel-State Church-Archive
Kassel-State Church-Archive
Got German Genealogy? Email your query today. Time is short. Send your retainer today & get a 50% discount on your initial genealogy research retainer. The more you send, the more for which you will get TWICE AS MUCH RESEARCH! I am now slowly, albeit surely, translating the crucial words within the paper images of my Kassel-area, Hessen, Germany ancestral family entries from the Landeskirchlichen Archivs Kassel, Hessen, Germany. These are births, confirmations, marriages & deaths!

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Using “Prussian Genealogist” as a search parameter, after more than a decade, a past client finds Karl-Michael Sala & hires him again!

Grant Sommerfeld, client of = Karl-Michael Sala =
Grant Sommerfeld, client of = Karl-Michael Sala =
September 12, 2009
Recommendations for International German Genealogist at

Grant Sommerfeld (client)
Grant hired you as a Genealogical Research in 1996 {1}
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“”Over a decade ago, I had the pleasure of hiring & working with Karl-Michael Sala, Accredited Genealogist (German), when I hit my first roadblock in my “Germans from Russia” genealogical research. I found his North American and European research, as well as his follow-up telephone & mail support to be excellent. Karl-Michael Sala, now a/k/a, helped get me onto the right track and my research has continued. I am now about to begin another phase of work with this professional and committed genealogist. Why? Because I found him by having done a search of “Prussian Genealogist.” It is his modus operandi to communicate well and spend extra time to obtain some good digital data, documents and images for his clients.”
Service Category: Genealogical Research Year first hired: about 1996

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Another German ancestral village of origin ascertained!

7 June 2009: Another German ancestral village of origin ascertained! Got US, immigration or Euro-German Genealogy? No guarantee, but I’ll give it my best. No find? No fee! Minimum $1,000 for that contingency option. $600 minimum for $60/hr rate. 50% discount on your 1st retainer! So, the more you send, the more double research you get!

I work foundations & framing prior to working on the “roof.” Every time I try to do the roof first, the structure collapses on me. Life is short. I’ve a few more cases to crack left in me. karlmsala at msn .com

Lynell & Karl Sala, grandparents to two beautiful grandsons, Korben & Sterling, since 2 Jan 2009, live at:

410 S SADDLE ST * GILBERT, AZ 85233-6810
602-503-0775 = 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr US/CAN toll-free)

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Emotional & Mental Illness must be forgiven of those who trespass against us.

In re: perceived or real emotional & mental challenges, difficulties, disturbances, etc., I will continuously reiterate for all (& yes, please quote me): Emotional or mental challenges from otherwise-loved ones–with their associated bizarre & unreal expectations & misperceptions–are often the cause of the damage &/or loss of so many good family relationships.

It is difficult for us to empathize & forgive the emotionally/mentally disturbed because they don’t look mentally disturbed to us. But, empathize & forgive we must by identifying & “labeling” it by calling a spade, a spade. For, these folks are looking at the world through weird-colored glasses. They might see spades as hearts & they often deem diamonds as clubs.

Based on my observations, this is The Challenge for most of us in the world. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these (read in this case perhaps: emotionally or mentally disturbed) my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” And “If ye love me, feed my sheep.” (even the ones that repeatedly bite you). In his plea, the Lord does not exclude those with mental challenges. And, in the final analysis: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” You might think they know what they’re doing, but, in truth, THEY don’t even truly realize what they are doing. —Karl-Michael Sala,

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Via our Yahoo search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, along with numerous endorsements on, Lynell & Karl Sala have begun to serve more international Germanic & Prussian ancestry, genealogy & family history research clients.  Can’t find your Euro-ancestor in an online/offline record?  Email us your dilemma.  We have an extremely high success ratio!  GUARANTEE?  You betcha!  Our best efforts!  If you’d like SEO service for your URL, email my webmaster, Paul Andrew Johnson:

Share This Post is now the #1 MSN SEO’d site for a private German or Prussian Genealogy Researcher!

Via our search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, along with our numerous endorsements on, Lynell & Karl Sala are beginning to serve more international Germanic & Prussian ancestry, genealogy & family history research clients.  Can’t find your European ancestor in an online or offline record?  Email us your dilemma, inquiry, problem, query.  We have a very high success ratio!  Guarantee?  Our best efforts!

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Query Solved! Karl ascertains German city of origin for Paul Fox, a prospect who Contacted The German Genealogist!

If I found the city of Euro-Germanic origin for your immigrant ancestor, what would that German Genealogy Research be worth to you? 

That is the present dilemma for Paul Fox from the KC, Kansas area !  According to his recent query to us via the Contact The German Genealogist link at the top of this URL’s homepage, Paul Fox claims his ancestor may have originated in “Baden.” 

Nope.  US records indicate otherwise…

This prospect further claims he has not been able to find anything about the German origin of two of his immigrant ancestors, ____ & his son, _____ RIECK from ________, _______, Germany. 

Paul Fox further provided data on the spouse & children of the eldest immigrant ancestor.  With that data, Karl was able to find 6 documents (not 5 as he mistakenly told the prospect), two of which told the German province or state of origin of the eldest immigrant ancestor.  One particular document revealed the specific CITY of origin for the patriarch.

After Karl receives the requested (never demanded) retainer from the prospect–which then turns a prospect into a client–Karl will post the details of how, easily within just two hours, solved the problem for this long-time researcher.  It was not found in an obvious place!

SUCCESS STORY:  I will reveal that I found his ancestor in the 1930, 1920, 1910 & 1900 Censuses of Oneida County, NY; also in an East Coast Passenger List.  On NONE of the census listings for the ancestor was it given the specific city whence the patriarch originated!  It was elsewhere… Hmmm… 

COMPENSATION?   The prospect “owes” me nothing; however, In this case, in the event the prospect would like the results of our NO FIND, NO FEE! USA & German Genealogy Research, I offered the prospect the data, documents & images on this research for only $1,000. which we negotiated down to $500.  Expensive?  No, sir.  Expensive is when you spend 30 years just TRYING to find what we often DO find within 1-100 hours.

Should he have a difficult time with that retainer amount, I offered Paul Fox the option of breaking that figure into two payments.

The prospect is welcome to find these images on his own, but our $ offer will remain the same, regardless.  Why?  We found the name of the city of origin, while de-bunking his “Baden” hypothesis.  That is worth $1,000 (ok, $500) to me any day!  To this day, I do not have the parish of origin of my own Sala immigrant ancestor!

So, is this client getting charged $125/hour?  Heavens, no.  There is yet much to do with the images.  We annotate, crop, edit, analyze & report on the images!  We ascertain what must now be done to continue the case.  This will easily take another 3 hours administrative time.  This image editing will not be done until & unless the prospect wants to become a client by ordering what we have found in his behalf!

So, how much is this client getting charged?  Mal sehen!  We’ll see after all is said & done.  Another client of mine, Lois J., paid $1,000 ONLY for the name of her ancestral parish of origin in a location that is now in Poland!  However, she later got many ancestral family members with another similar-sized retainer!

If I save you thousands of $ worth of time, who cares what it cost or the rate?

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