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Interim success for a 1950s birth in Mainz, Germany for a client of gets great TEAM success for a client, Corey Bohan. All systems are go for the client to now write IN ENGLISH to get the record he seeks. Gratitude to my connection in Germany, Sally Gharbi, for having obtained the precise contact person in Germany to get the actual birth record! Thanks to Lynell Pierce Sala for having corresponded with NARA for this naturalization record.

Karl-Michael Sala's photo.
Karl-Michael Sala's photo.

Karl-Michael Sala to Corey Bohan

GREAT NEWS! From the Boston, Massachusetts National Archives & Records Admin (NARA), we now have an image of OTTO’s actual naturalization document! It is now already attached/posted here & on the individual file for Otto on your tree at ACOM!
NOW (OK, soon{:>): We need your email address. Email it to
THIS, so we can send you–the direct descendant–the specific instructions on precisely how to get his birth record.
Sally Gharbi, my sister who lives in Germany tried, but the MAINZ Standesamt needs your letter, in English, as to your specific request. We have the name of a specific person in the Mainz Standesamt{:>) who will help you. We’ll forward you her detailed email of instructions. You might need to send her some proof of your relationship.
FURTHER: When you get it, please scan & save it to your harddrive. Then, attach it to the tree &/or email, & we will do it.

petition-for-naturalization-1-of-2 petition-for-naturalization-2-of-2



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