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Krysten Baca, Coach/Manager, co-hired Karl 2005, now endorses Karl-Michael Sala, 2008!

Karl-Michael Sala, Paid Expert Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher aka The Generations Network


“It was a great joy working with Karl! His immense knowledge in the genealogy field always amazed me, he always put great thought and care into his work, and never overlooked the details. It was refreshing to work with Karl, as he always presented himself in a professional manner. Karl was a dedicated, passionate member of my team, I wish him the best in all of his endeavors.” June 6, 2008

Krysten Baca, Public Relations Associate, The Generations Network, managed Karl at

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2005: Dave Johnston, Coach / Manager, co-hired Karl Sala, Research Genealogist! Dave’s Endorsement of Karl on!

International Research Consultant at, aka The Generations Network


“Karl Michael Sala is a competent research genealogist whom I hired to work with customers on the telephone to improve customer research experience during their 14-day trial. The customers he assisted were thrilled with his down-to-earth instruction and with the results he helped them find. As a result of his help, they were more likely to convert from a trial to a full-fledged customer.


During testing of a paid telephone research hotline for customers, Karl consistently outsold all other phone research agents on the team at least 5 to 1.


He often received by-name referrals as his reputation for finding elusive ancestors and breaking down walls, especially in Germany, became known.


Karl is a top-notch professional in every sense of the word. I recommend him very highly to anyone who needs a reliable, capable, honest family history researcher capable of tackling tough research situations, especially with regards to German or European “brick wall” ancestors.”


Service Category: Research Genealogist       Year first hired: 2005    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity” July 15, 2008

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So, was it France, Alsace-Lorraine, Elsass=Lothringen, France, Germany or Prussia? Alphabet, cursive & print.

German handwritingSuccessful Mainland Euro-Germanic Connections!

Several groups cCreated by karlmsala

Anyone can provide a Euro-Germanic question &/or an answer here on this group but please do not give general solutions like: “Google it.”

“Germany,” per se, is a long story not suited to be totally explained here! Suffice it to say that “Germany” did not really exist as a bona fide British or American term for the modern country of that name until after WW1.

There were Germans all over Europe, to include the former Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Hungary, Poland, Romania & Russia.

Prussia or Preussen extended as far east as Russia (province: a part of East Prussia or Ostpreussen)!

Germany” also once (generally pre-WW1) had portions of land in Bohemia (Boehmen; Czech Republic; Cechy); Moravia (Maehren or Moravske); Denmark (Daenemark or Danmark or Oldenburg); Alsace-Lorraine (in modern-day France; known to Germans as Elsass-Lothringen); Poland (provinces: Posen {Poznan}, East Prussia {Ostpreussen} & West Prussia).

One client said, “Karl, different censuses claim my ancestor was born in Alsace, Elsass, France, Germany & Prussia. Which one is it?” NEWSFLASH: Depending on what language & time-period you are considering, each one of those names is correct for that target ancestor!

Mentor: Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral Euro-Germanic Genealogist since 1979! (aka, Karl is the very 1st person hand-picked for the highly successful, but short-lived Expert Research Team. His wife, Lynell (Pierce) Sala, was 2nd!

Karl was later selected for the[utschland or Germany] Team to field the majority of Euro-Germanic research-oriented calls from not only Germany, but also all over the world.

Provo, Utah International Team Manager) & Brett Bouchard (Munich or Muenchen, Bavaria [Bayern}, Germany Manager) & Matt Pinkston for & Amy Denter for!

Please understand that there were Germanic citizens in various countries of the world, but mostly within various countries of Europe!

Totally confused now?  Don’t feel alone–so are most people. This is one reason many Germanic cases are not solved. There are other reasons… Group Coach, Counselor, Leader @

White on Blue Acom

Karl-Michael Sala cracked & solved numerous difficult cases for callers & emailers from all over the globe.

Witnesses & senior teammates were John Erbstoesser (International Manager)

14+ other excellent quality endorsements & recommendations from associates, coaches, managers, etc. can be found on 

Since 1979, Karl-Michael & Lynell Sala are very proud to have found data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for hundreds of international clients!

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Blowing our HORN & KREUDER client ancestry! More ancestral findings for our client–this time in Hessen, Germany!

EUREKA! REINHOLD HORN FOUND IN ONLINE TIRSCHTIEGEL BIRTH REGISTER! BINGO!  KREUDER (pronounced Kroider) FOUND!  OK, so we had to order the microfilms, but we got our man!

After having cracked the HORN case in Poland, i.e. Posen (Poznan), Preussen, the client authorized Lynell & me (not “I,” English fans) to work on another target ancestral family surname: KREUDER from Gruenberg, Hessen, Germany.   When doing German (or any countries’) research, ’tis not always the case that we find the target ancestor having been born on the day the client thought.  In this case, it was on the mark. 

Due to the recession, we had offered everyone a 50% discount, so she is getting twice as much bang for her buck! 

We also offer a NO FIND? NO FEE! ANCESTRY, GENEALOGY & FAMILY HISTORY MYSTERY! option.  We could accept, reject or counter-offer anyone.  Email your request today to KARLMSALA@MSN.COM.  If Karl does not return your email within 48 business hours, please email again.  If that fails, call the dude on his 24-hr toll-free line 1-888-4KM-SALA (456-7252) & leave a message.

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Online AND offline German parish register ancestral findings for a client!

Eureka!  Gefunden!   What?  YES!  Online parish registers!  This is an historic FIRST!

Lynell Sala & Karl Sala have found thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of clients, but never before have they been able to research ONLINE digitized images!

After having painstakingly researched & located the client’s (Lois Jurss) ancestral “Polish” Prussian target parish of origin on the Hamburg Passenger List, Lynell & Karl have now been able to find their client’s target ancestor’s Evangelical Lutheran Church birth & christening record ONLINE!

No, it was not in a microfilm nor in a book, but in the digitized images of the hand-schrifted, old Germanic and Latin handwritings in the Tirschtiegel, Posen, Preussen Evangelical Lutheran parish register duplicates located ONLINE at!  Duplicate parish registers were required of the clergy & church during certain periods by various Germanic governments.

Reinhold Horn had two extra given names of which the client was unaware. 

Often a Germanic person does not go by his very first given name.  We have solved many cases by following this idiosyncracy.  I am Karl-Michael Sala, but even my mother called me Michael or Mike. Her father was Karl Friedrich, but he was known as the nickname “Fritz.”  Her brother Karl-Heinz went by Heinz. 

We continued our client research in having also located the births / christenings of most, if not all, his siblings in the Trzciel, Poznan, Poland parish register.

So that we can go back further in time, and obtain the target ancestor’s parents’ marriage, we now await microfilms to arrive at the Mesa, Arizona Regional Family History Center.

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EUREKA! How would it be if…? Polish or Prussian?

EUREKA!  How would it be if you could finally start finding what you’ve been seeking for decades on your target USA or global Germanic ancestry? 

That’s what we, Karl & Lynell Sala, did for Lois Jurss & many others since 1979!  Within four hours, we ascertained the EXACT European “Poland” parish of origin for her Reinhold HORN:  Tirschtiegel, Posen, Prussia now known as Trzciel, Poznan, Poland!  In a future Weblog, we’ll provide the details on how & where we did it.  Yes, we are continuing research in that parish in an online image source!


ANCESTRY.DE:  Karl-Michael Sala, a 1984-1996 Accredited Genealogist (German), was later the premier ANCESTRY.DE EXPERT!  This 3-decade researcher took most of the research-oriented calls & emails from Europeans to (Germany).

TRACK RECORD:  Since 1979, The German Genealogist and his research companion wife have found THOUSANDS of European ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of international clients & patrons!  The German Genealogist & Lynell Sala (THE 2nd person hand-picked for the Expert Research Team) have an 80% success ratio in finding what hundreds of global subscribers could not find. Lynell claims Karl has a 98% success ratio in locating new data, documents or images for their clients!

“The German Genealogist” is in the house, here for all your USA & Germanic ancestry research needs.   If you are needing to find global USA  or European ancestral roots, then you’ve come to the “GERMAN GENIE” with the experience, passion, tenacity & track record to crack your case.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. 

GUARANTEE?  Karl-Michael & Lynell Sala’s best joint efforts!  They desire your repeat business & referrals.

NO COST OR LOW COST?  You get 10% RESIDUAL research credit for referrals who retain us for at least $100!  Also you’ll get our popular 10% credit for your own retainers $1,000 & up.

COMMENDATIONS, ENDORSEMENTS, KUDOS:  Scores from clients since 1979!  Also view what [45+] other colleagues, co-workers, managers & other industry professionals have written just this year about Karl:, esp. the one by David Johnston, for it encompasses most of what the others wrote–& then some!

50% DISCOUNT!  Through 31 August 2008, Karl-Michael Sala is offering a 50% discount for all US, UK or European research.  After that date, you may negotiate your own discount or name your price.  Karl will accept, reject or counter-offer!

QUICK-SEARCH:  You can order either a single, specific quick search for $19.95 ppd. or extended searches for $60 to $6,000 ppd.  Email your target ancestors’ known details (years & places of birth, marriage, residences during the census years & death) to

Then mail any hard copies of data, documents & images you have for the target ancestor.  Our clients get more than they pay for.   It usually does not cost; it actually pays to hire us!  We’ve saved our clients thousands of $ by having prevented them from digging at the wrong roots (or no roots at all)!  To get started right away, make out your personal check to:

Karl-Michael or Lynell Sala; 410 S SADDLE ST; GILBERT, AZ 85233-6810; 1-888-4KM-SALA (456-7252) (24-hr toll-free #)

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