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2005: Dave Johnston, Coach / Manager, co-hired Karl Sala, Research Genealogist! Dave’s Endorsement of Karl on!

International Research Consultant at, aka The Generations Network


“Karl Michael Sala is a competent research genealogist whom I hired to work with customers on the telephone to improve customer research experience during their 14-day trial. The customers he assisted were thrilled with his down-to-earth instruction and with the results he helped them find. As a result of his help, they were more likely to convert from a trial to a full-fledged customer.


During testing of a paid telephone research hotline for customers, Karl consistently outsold all other phone research agents on the team at least 5 to 1.


He often received by-name referrals as his reputation for finding elusive ancestors and breaking down walls, especially in Germany, became known.


Karl is a top-notch professional in every sense of the word. I recommend him very highly to anyone who needs a reliable, capable, honest family history researcher capable of tackling tough research situations, especially with regards to German or European “brick wall” ancestors.”


Service Category: Research Genealogist       Year first hired: 2005    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity” July 15, 2008

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