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Karl-Michael Sala = Revolutionary Expert in German Genealogy, according to Karl’s former Team Leader!

John Erbstoesser, former’s, i.e. also’s International Team Leader; now Director of Business Development, Payroll Experts.  John managed Karl-Michael Sala.  About Karl,  on December 1, 2010, John wrote on

“Karl is a valued employee who specializes in superior customer service and sales. His ability to adapt positively to changes while continuing to improve his personal performance sets him apart from other employees. As a team player, Karl tirelessly works to help others achieve their goals as well as always looking after the best interest of the business. As our primary consultant for our German customer base, Karl conducted training initiatives for many of our new clients while exhibiting superior performance in his German-speaking responsibilities. His extensive expertise in German Genealogy made him a valuable asset to both and the numerous clients he served. Through his exceptional personalized service to clients as well as his innovative approach to genealogy, he revolutionized the way in which Ancestry would train their employees in providing a world class experience for the customers it served.”  [underlining & italics added]

Karl comments:  My innovative approach was to actually crack research cases for Ancestry’s clients!  You got a problem with that?  What an app!  What a concept! 

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