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Recent Posts & are launched as part of Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala’s “The Genealogist Researcher Network” (GRN)

  •  Italian Genealogist Expertise – Finding your Italian Ancestry – 12345

    To get a whopping 50% discount on your initial Italy genealogy microfilm or online research retainer, please call 1-888-456-7252.

  • Jeff writes: Ciao, la dolce vita Italian genealogy….. This is the sweet life when it comes to hiring a proven Italy Genealogy Research Expert.

 Karl-Michael Sala is a former Google Adwords SEM consultant. He shared a link.

Karl-Michael Sala is elated to have trained today a new Area Expert Genealogist (AEG) to be a part of our Genealogist Researcher Network. To see what Jeff Skousen & Karl posted, updated, wrote, visit In short order, his blog/URL will be– just like Karl’s–Search Engine Optimized!  It will be managed, measured, monitored, mutated & maximized by the AEG, Karl &/or our webmaster, Paul Andrew Johnson

 Why, yes, he did marry my 1stborn gorgeous daughter. Smart man. Further proof of his wisdom{:>)

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