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103rd Endearing Endorsement for pro’ & pro bono expert German Genealogy Research!

German Genealogy patron, Pamela Protz Whitaker, Retired, (business partner)  was with another company when working with The German Genealogist

“I have found Karl Michael [Sala] to be detail focused and diligent in his efforts to help find genealogical connections to places and people that I would otherwise have no way of finding. Karl Michael [Sala] is a real gift to those hunting down their German Genealogy.” July 8, 2012

This kudo was given largely for advice, counsel & German Genealogy research done for her & others on a FamilySearch Facebook Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community page.  Karl was asked to serve as a key Admin for that page.  He cracks many German, Poland, & other European genealogy research cases there.

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    Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979!, Administrator & Expert Researcher (Ancestry, Genealogy & Family History) at Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community
    Phoenix, Arizona Area
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    Time is short. Let John Humphrey & all others know that we offer our clients: 1 free consultation/Lifeline A 50% discount on anyone’s initial European (from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland & Russia) or Brazil genealogy research project–microfilms or online! 3) 10% residual reward for referrals for European research referrals. mobile: 602-865-9695 Office: 480-507-3316 = 1-888-4KM-SALA (888-456-7252)

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