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2010: My Turn on Earth (Time is Short, Folks)  Kassel and the Region Kassel and the Region
In 2009, I’ve had some stunning successes. For at least two clients, I could not find any USA nor European vital records for them. Those clients are granted from me additional research time &/or 10% interest, i.e. in terms of additional research credit.

I’ve offered a very generous discount for German Genealogy research (50% on your initial retainer)! In spite of past successes, so few clients & prospects have taken me up on it. Sooo–I declare that I will begin to focus on my own German Genealogy research & compilations, data entry, translations, cataloging, etc. ad laudeum! I’d prefer to work on my own case, however, if you wish to take advantage of this great offer, I will most probably make some time for you. Please let me first look at your case. Email me the research details TODAY! But, due to my very high success ratio & tremendous track record in German Genealogy research, be prepared to pony up!

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