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Got Poland Genealogy? Our Poland genealogy researcher chimes in for’s excellent Poland town-finding capabilities!

MARTA LUSTGARTEN  Professional Genealogist, Researcher

Location    Wrocław Area, Poland
Industry    Research 

Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979!

International German Genealogist at

Karl-Michael Sala aka is an enthusiastic, long-time, successful general contractor for European professional genealogy research. For many years, I had only heard & read of his numerous feats. Either by himself, or using on-site agents such as me, he has solved international clients’ dilemmas in many countries of the globe, from South America to South Poland! Therefore, when he asked me to join his team, I gladly opted to work with him for the benefit of his clients who have ancestors from Poland. I have experienced from him in a most detailed way that he is well-versed in locating Poland villages.    November 25, 2011

MARTA ([also a] Student at Jagiellonian University ) was with another company when working with Karl-Michael at

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