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LinkedInLinkedIn Are you proud of your LinkedIn profile?

Are you proud of your LinkedIn profile?…news.cnet.comThe professional network leads the list as the top social media site scoured by professional recruiters to track down job applicants. Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Internet & Media.
  • Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979!Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979! Hey, Linkedin is my absolute favorite! The proof is in the pudding! Several investment firms have used Linkedin to find experts like me to interview in re: the past, present & future of the ancestry, genealogy & family history industry online. I’ve been paid $200/hr for at least 5 sessions now! Don’t tell Linkedin{:>) just kidding. Tell ’em.

  • I have now 103+ endearing endorsements, many of which have appropriately swayed prospects to become CLIENTS! My Linkedin profile has lured clients away from our competitors to us. Yes, Linkedin, you may use this testimony, but please grant me a premium acct in return. Pretty Please? 602-865-9695 (24-hr #; call me)

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