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What? $200/hr? Yep. This is the 7th time that a huge, well-known investment firm has paid me $200/hr as an expert genealogist to merely discuss the future of the ancestry, genealogy & family history online content industry! Why me?…

 Karl-Michael Sala ·

Today, 8-20-2012, I was interviewed by the 7th investment firm who paid me $200/hr. to merely discuss the ancestry, genealogy & family history online content industry.  Did I set that fee? Nope.  Could I ask for that from my clients? No way. These interviewers/researchers are usually young people (age <30) at various companies who are unclear on the concept of online genealogy research. They are performing what is known as “due diligence.” …


For better (or worse?), my input has been & will continue to be influential in their investing (or not) MILLIONS into various online genealogy content companies!

Why me? They say I come up #1 for all the appropriate keywords & for my having publicly been categorized & classified as being a Past, Present & Future leader in the ancestry, genealogy & family history industry !


First: on & 2: in most search engines!


More gratitude to dispense upon my webmaster! 

Also to (see image down below) who found me & hooked me up with now 2 of the 7 firms for expert genealogist interview & testimony.

— with Maria Sala Johnson and Paul Johnson [reachable @]

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