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No, we have not paid the BBB anything. Nonetheless, they have rated us A+. They were able to see through the folly of an unreasonable complaint by someone against The German Genealogist aka GermanGenealogistDOTcom. Therefore I would recommend the BBB Arizona. I had erroneously presumed that they would always stand by the customer–no matter what. However, the BBB Arizona realized, based on ours & other cases, that the customer has sometimes unreasonable expectations & is NOT¬†always right. I am pleased that the BBB Arizona could see that we always give our customers TWICE that for which they pay! Why? It is just our modus operandi. We love what we do. Since 1979, we have granted about $50,000 worth of research, pro bono. We also have some rave WRITTEN reviews on BBB & on Linkedin (160+). Find us someone with more WRITTEN endorsements & you get a free consultation from us{:>)bbb A+

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