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Lynell Pierce Sala, Research Director at & My Family History Mysteries!

Lynell Sala Research Director at & My Family History Mysteries!

“Caveat Researchor{;>) 1 + 1 = or > 2? Yes! Lynell, my wife, keeps us as a research team on-task & on-budget by serving as our Research Director at various dba ancestral research company names. She capably assists with USA, UK & Euro-Germanic client, patron & even our personal ancestral research by providing strategic research counsel and a friendly, but firm, 2nd opinion. For clients, patrons & ourselves, Lynell has helped hundreds of clients find THOUSANDS of pertinent ancestral data & documents & geographic, historical images. Lynell gives leadership & guidance toward excellent case preparation, planning, progression, embedded-images & templated census & immigration listings for report completion. Although she does not speak German, In the course of our numerous joint-research cases, I’m proud that Lynell has located¬†German data, documents & images that I as the Germanic ancestral research expert did not find.”¬† Karl-Michael SALA

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