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Karl-Michael Sala aka cracks yet another case in the 1880 Census!

Whenever a subscriber tried to tell me that’s subscription price was too expensive, I told them they were talking to the wrong guy. is an international treasure!  Am I paid to say this?  No.  Need I be?

After the prospect provides a retainer, I will reveal the interesting details of how I used the search engines to have found her Pitts ancestor in the 1880 Census!

Is this German Genealogy?  No.  Must it be?  I have done this same thing for hundreds of other people!  Some people watch TV–I crack USA, UK & Germanic genealogy research cases!

Share This Post’s former Genealogy Certification Manager, Gerhard Ruf: Karl-Michael Sala participated in a “voluntary internal genealogical certification program…which he completed in an admirable way…”

 “Although I did not work with Karl-Michael directly in his operational responsibilities, he did participate in a voluntary internal genealogical certification program that I managed, which he completed in an admirable way. I was impressed with his attention to detail and his consistently going beyond the requirements to expand his knowledge and experience.” 



Gerhard Ruf, Community Operations Specialist, The Generations Network


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Like Avis: We’re #2! We try harder & give you more time on your German Genealogy Research!

Google’s SE still has us at #2!  We shall soon be adding a search template for clients to be able to order hard-to-find ancestral online census & immigration images!  Of course, clients shall still be able to order on-site or off-site, on-line or off-line German Genealogy research from us.  Also orderable will be onsite Germanic Genealogy research, for that includes Germans from not only Germany proper, but also from other European countries!

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Stunning! We’ve only just begun! Karl Sala’s ever-improving website is now #2 on Google Search Engine!

SALABRATE AGAIN! As I am wont to say:  “Stunning!”
Thanx to Paul A. Johnson’s knowledge & skill with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), along with my blogging, Karl Sala’s ever-improving German Genealogy website is now #2 on Google Search Engine!
Goal:  surpass those in the #1 position!

Share This Post Manager, Scott Spencer (former Manager, Paid Expert Research Team): [Karl Sala] “…was a vital team player and key to its success…”

Paid Expert Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher,
September 16, 2008 “I had the pleasure of overseeing a project that Karl was directly involved with. He was a vital team player and key to its success. Karl takes a tremendous amount of pride in the work he does and takes the time to ensure that it is done correctly. His dedication to help others succeed is one of the many characteristics that make Karl such a valuable asset.”

Scott Spencer, Assistant Manager, Operations, The Generations Network (; now Operations Manager, &/or

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BIGGEST NEWS? SOME German Parish Registers in ONLINE digital format? Yes! So far, some for Posen & Brandenburg! has updated its database of 1870 US Census records and added two new databases with West Virginian info this week to its online pilot program at The new additions represent over nine million new names. There are now over 477 million searchable names on the pilot site.

The pilot program has attracted thousands of volunteers who are extracting family history info from digital images of historical documents. The info they are identifying is then added to databases that are available for family history enthusiasts worldwide to access.

Current indexing projects include the 1920 U.S Census, 1869 Argentina Census, 1930 Mexico Census, 1945 Florida State Census, Louisiana Deaths, German Church Records [These are the ones we have used for our client, Lois J.], Italy Church Records, Spain Church Records, Venezuela Church Records and Nicaragua Civil Registration Records. is maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and provides resources and info for people worldwide to research their family trees.

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Stunning Newspaper Articles to beef-up Ancestry, Genealogy & Family History? Oh, my gosh, yes!


My graphic, juicy, informative newspaper articles research has been the stuff of which the greatest interest in ancestry, genealogy & family history has been piqued & stoked–on both my wife’s & my ancestry & descendants!  Websites were beefed up with my exhaustive newspaper research & I even was finally given due credit for it!

Newspapers are WAAY under-used!  OK, so Oakley, Kansas & Zanesville, Ohio’ newspapers were not indexed, but by gosh, by golly, we found a bunch of colorful history!  But guess what?  Carson City, Nevada was indexed many years ago!  Everybody wanted to know the gruesome details of the ancestress’ murder, subsequent accusations were printed in the paper, trials & mis-trials, exonerations, etc. ad excitum (I made that up{;>)

However, Lynell & I’ve grown weary of people NOT finding what they seek in US & international records, i.e., just talking & writing ABOUT ancestry, genealogy & family history, vis-a-vis them actually GETTING it.

So, as multi-decade successful US & Germanic-European genealogists (see 17+ Endorsements at we have an offer good for all:

Retainers received from anyone by 31 Oct 2008, net themselves a 50% discount!  OK, call it twice as much…{;>)

Give us your tired & poorly-documented ancestors!  In what online or offline record can you NOT find your ancestor–esp. where you know they should be there!?

Even the long-sought-after European or Germanic parish of origin has been occasionally coughed up in a US newspaper article or obituary.

Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral Euro-Germanic Genealogist since 1979! (read our European professional research endorsements; at least the one by Dave Johnston)
1-602-503-0775 = 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr toll-free #)

Share This Post Content Manager, Hiley Kitto: Karl-Michael Sala “clearly a magician” with German Genealogy dead-ends

Hiley Kitto, former Content Manager,
Hiley Kitto, former Content Manager,

September 15, 2008  “When we worked together at and later at The Generations Network, Karl was known for his ability to find Ancestors when everyone else would hit dead-ends.  Karl is a pleasure to work with and clearly a magician at finding genealogical lines and names.”   Hiley Kitto, Content Editor, The Generations Network (

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One of numerous clients lauds Karl Sala having found online family historical images NOBODY else could ever find!

Paul Johnson & Maria Helena Sala Johnson!
Paul & Maria Helena Sala Johnson, Karl's 1stborn! Parents of Karl's gorgeous grandsons! (View the social networking profile of the person behind, Karl-Michael Sala, to include endearing endorsements by 14+ associates, clients, partners & managers!)

Another Recommendation For Karl-Michael Sala, Owner of NO FIND? NO FEE! ANCESTRY, GENEALOGY, FAMILY HISTORY MYSTERY!

“I’ve known Karl Sala for 8 years now and can vouch for him as an outstanding and hard-working professional who has made the difference in countless lives with his excellent genealogical research and work ethic. I feel lucky to have met him with high kudos & honors to have had work done for me by him. He’s proven to be very results-oriented in all of his endeavors and is highly driven to succeed with his clients. You can tell that he really cares about everything that he sets his mind to achieve–and that makes all the difference in the world with the impact he has on both his peers and clients alike.”   June 29, 2008   
Paul Johnson, VP of Technology, Brewer Caldwell Property Management
was with another company when working with Karl-Michael at No Find? No Fee! Genealogy!
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Krysten Baca, Coach/Manager, co-hired Karl 2005, now endorses Karl-Michael Sala, 2008!

Karl-Michael Sala, Paid Expert Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher aka The Generations Network


“It was a great joy working with Karl! His immense knowledge in the genealogy field always amazed me, he always put great thought and care into his work, and never overlooked the details. It was refreshing to work with Karl, as he always presented himself in a professional manner. Karl was a dedicated, passionate member of my team, I wish him the best in all of his endeavors.” June 6, 2008

Krysten Baca, Public Relations Associate, The Generations Network, managed Karl at

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