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Stunning Newspaper Articles to beef-up Ancestry, Genealogy & Family History? Oh, my gosh, yes!


My graphic, juicy, informative newspaper articles research has been the stuff of which the greatest interest in ancestry, genealogy & family history has been piqued & stoked–on both my wife’s & my ancestry & descendants!  Websites were beefed up with my exhaustive newspaper research & I even was finally given due credit for it!

Newspapers are WAAY under-used!  OK, so Oakley, Kansas & Zanesville, Ohio’ newspapers were not indexed, but by gosh, by golly, we found a bunch of colorful history!  But guess what?  Carson City, Nevada was indexed many years ago!  Everybody wanted to know the gruesome details of the ancestress’ murder, subsequent accusations were printed in the paper, trials & mis-trials, exonerations, etc. ad excitum (I made that up{;>)

However, Lynell & I’ve grown weary of people NOT finding what they seek in US & international records, i.e., just talking & writing ABOUT ancestry, genealogy & family history, vis-a-vis them actually GETTING it.

So, as multi-decade successful US & Germanic-European genealogists (see 17+ Endorsements at we have an offer good for all:

Retainers received from anyone by 31 Oct 2008, net themselves a 50% discount!  OK, call it twice as much…{;>)

Give us your tired & poorly-documented ancestors!  In what online or offline record can you NOT find your ancestor–esp. where you know they should be there!?

Even the long-sought-after European or Germanic parish of origin has been occasionally coughed up in a US newspaper article or obituary.

Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral Euro-Germanic Genealogist since 1979! (read our European professional research endorsements; at least the one by Dave Johnston)
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