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Endorsement #69 for Karl-Michael Sala, The German Genealogist, just received on

William Pattison has recommended you on LinkedIn

William  Pattison William Pattison Chief Executive Officer at Business Research and Abstract Services

October 18, 2011

William Pattison has recommended your work as a International German Genealogist at

Details of the Recommendation: “Mr. Sala is a consummate professional in our field. His work to retain, maintain and raise the bar for standards and practices in the genealogy field is matched by only a handful of others, globally. In this regard he stands out as a leader by prime, exemplary words and actions. It has been a benefit to follow him and an honor to be followed by him. I have no faith in him[,] as it is unnecessary; he demonstrates knowledge, skill and experience that generates self-evident truths about the man: he is fastidious, meticulous, concise, precise and competent in his every endeavor.”

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