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German Genealogy 101? Before you contract an expert German Genealogist…

Any tips or advice for someone just beginning the German research process?

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  •  Karl-Michael Sala    Let’s see. Let’s do what a lot of folks try to do &/or have me do: Karl, now I’ve done EVERYTHING (no, they haven’t) in USA records, so, just jump across to Germany (or any one of numerous other modern-day European countries whence Germans migrated)  & find my Johann Schmidt, born I don’t know when, but SOMEWHERE in Prussia or maybe Alsace-Lorraine or even Austria. My cousin thinks it is Russia.  The target immigrant ancestor immigrated all by himself from Hamburg (no, it was Bremen). I’d appreciate any help you can give me… 

  • First of all, what is right with this query? How can it be improved? What do you think? “Karl, I have the foundation dug, the footings sealed in place, ’tis poured, the framing is done & I want you to now take over my work & attach the roof! I hear you attach a lot of roofs. That’s all I want. Is that too much to ask?” Yes, it is.

  • Off my soapbox now: Round up EVERYTHING from the USA or other country whence the emigrant migrated. Get the passenger list(s), both arrival & departure, if it exists… Query all relatives & OFFER THEM MASSAGE, MILK or MONEY to round up what data, documents & images they have. Warning: If I find what you seek, you owe me a cheeseburger{:>) 

Where is Prussia or Preussen?  In the above image only, it is just the blue parts. 

The German Empire. Missing is Alsace-Lorraine in the far Southwest. Also known as Elsass-Lothringen, now in France.

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