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After only 2 months, is SEO’d & is highest-ranked for “German Genealogist” search terms

Paul Andrew Johnson &'s firstborn, Maria Helena!
Paul Andrew Johnson & Maria Helena Sala, parents of Karl’s 2 grandsons!

With hardy & hearty gratitude this morning having been duly given to my search engine optimizer (SEO’er) & webmaster, Paul Andrew Johnson, my URL, is search engine optimized (SEO’d) for the search terms “German Genealogist” !  After only just 2 months, across most all search engines (SE), we’re getting not only duly noticed, but are achieving top placements. is SEO’d and is the highest-ranked, non-sponsored, organic URL for the “German Genealogist” search terms.  It even surpassed a sponsored link on’s SE.  It is certainly the highest for an individual German Genealogist (Deutscher Genealoge) and German Genealogy researcher (Deutscher Ahnenforscher).  Hmm… Would you want to hire one proven veteran German ancestral researcher who is called or would you want to sift through a long list of genealogists within a group of numerous Germanic Genealogists?

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