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Germany & East Prussia (Ostpreussen) German Genealogy success & kudo!

nancy & steve reynolds (client)

nancy & steve hired you as a genealogy in 2013

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“I found Karl on the Germany/Prussia Facebook page where I had posted many questions about my grandparents whom were from Germany and East Prussia. The information he provided was very detailed. There is still a lot of missing information that I need to find so my mom and I decided to hire Karl to do some more research for us We gave him a call. At the time I did not have an account on Ancestry so like magic Karl had me on Ancestry and he was busy looking for information to add to my tree. Karl also attached several images as documents to several individuals on my tree. He further had me refresh my page so I could see what he had done. It was amazing how much documentation he had added to my tree at no charge to us. He is planning to find my grandmothers birth record and also try to find some information on my grandfather . I have been looking for information about my grandparents for over a year and have had no luck. Karl said that I will give you twice the time you pay for. If you hit a bump in your ancestry road give Karl Sala a call.” April 1, 2013

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