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Got smudged-ink German handwriting? Check out what this court reporter said about German Genealogy Researcher, Karl-Michael Sala!

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Diane Mason Gray endorsed Karl-Michael Sala
Karl-Michael [Sala of] is a genius at translating smudged-ink German handwriting! How he read the documents I sent to him, I’ll never know. I wasn’t expecting to have such wonderful translation, perhaps just a word or two to give me a hint, but he read nearly all of the documents word for word for me. What a talent! I highly recommend Karl-Michael to anyone with a German heritage needing genealogical research or translation. He is honest, forthright, and of the highest integrity.
Keywords: Genealogy, Geneology, German Genealogy, Germanic Genealogy, Prussia

Karl responds: Thank you, Diane! Talent, Technology & Time is how it was done, Diane!

Here is just a portion of Diane’s ancestor’s document image which had been both enlarged & enhanced from its original, even darker state. At the bottom of the smaller image is how the handwriting is supposed to look. In this case, the writer used both German & your more familiar Latin scripts!

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