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JANSON found as JOHNSON for latest German Genealogy research case!

Not a big deal, you say?  Then why could NObody find this in the last decade?  This is just one of numerous German Genealogy cases we cracked this week!

If you do not find the ancestor in a crucial census, your research could be stalled forever.  Thus, our having found George JANSON & Mary & Margaret, daughter, in the 1860 Census of Philadelphia was crucial for our client, Jo Janson Wills, of NJ.

It gave heretofore UNKNOWN data, e.g. his birthplace as Bavaria (Bayern), which is the southern German state that holds such places as München (Munich).

Of course, his name in Germany was NOT Johnson, per se.  The surname had obviously been Americanized by either the census enumerator or a member of the ancestral family!

Our task now will be to ascertain the place of origin within Bayern!   As is usual for us, we await the client’s next retainer.

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