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Kudos for the German Genealogy expertise of GermanGenealogist, his blog, counsel & mentor status.

Cathy ChampionFiber artist/designer, independent genealogy/history consultant

To: Karl-Michael SALA Euro-German Genealogist since 1979!, Cathy Champion

September 22, 2012

Hello!  Just wanted to drop you a note (saw you on our mutual connection to Cheryl of Ancestor Hunters- C & L) and wanted to let you know that I found the GermanGenealogist website extremely helpful while working on a book and also in my personal genealogy. I’ve also popped into your Italian site from time to time.

Jeff [Skousen] is indeed a great organizer!

I did some indexing for your group for a while and then life got in the way and I had to stop. Rather than dismissing me as a worker bee, he recently contacted me about doing some more work. That impressed me, and I am seriously trying to work some time in.

I plan to definitely list your site in the bibliography of my work when it eventually gets finished. Problem on that is that I keep finding additional information to include!

Jeff [Skousen]’s lucky to have you as a mentor!

Cathy Champion wrote on

 “Karl-Michael’s websites on German and Italian genealogy are exceptional! They provided me with such diverse information during my research on a book that I became interested in the “how” of the info collection process and eventually became involved in transcription work. It’s astounding to me the speed at which records appear on the internet once they are submitted. He has managed to train many dedicated people who care about the correctness of those records before they appear online.

I’ve researched on and transcribed for other groups and no where else have I found records so correct and unusual. His sites delve into the lives of individuals – mostly immigrants – and supplies the intimate parts of those lives we so yearn for – marriages, bapitisms, deaths, locations – so that life is breathed into their histories.

Only a dedicated and enthusiastic person could produce that perception through records on a website. I find myself returning again and again, seeking more on my “people” and I am rarely disappointed.”
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