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NOT born in Germany after all ! How to Win Fans, Friends & Influence other German Genealogy Hobbyists–Without Paying Your Bills!

NOT born in Germany after all !  How to Win Fans, Friends & Influence other German Genealogy Hobbyists–Without Paying Your Bills!


Stefanie Mickle Hobson posted on Facebook to Karl-Michael Sala!


Thanks for the friend request, Karl..I am going to look through my papers, and get you some names and maybe you can see what you can find out?


Karl-Michael Sala wastes NO TIME: Have you an online family tree, perhaps at or elsewhere? If not email karlmsala at msn. com a GEDCOM. Failing that, mail us hard copies: 5010 E Cheyenne Dr APT 1023; Phoenix, AZ 85044 USA Questions: 480-507-33169 = 1-888-456-7252

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Long story short, in the midst of an online chat, Stefanie Mickle Hobson wrote:  “Great! Wow..I can’t believe how fast you’re finding this cool is that? [Within minutes, in real-time, after I coached her on how to invite me as an Editor to her tree, I IMMEDIATELY found numerous data, documents & images!] …

Stefanie wrote later: “…wow that’s impressive.  Great Karl, thank you so much! Exactly..I have been looking in all the wrong places, and you have already found information that I couldn’t!”

“Very please[d] with the information he has found for me..and it was all in just a few hours of time! Ancestry dating back to the 1700’s, and he found it so quickly! Thanks Karl, you’re the best!” 

“In the past, I have attempted to research my family history. I have always thought it interesting to find out who my ancestors were, did they sign the Declaration of Indepence, or were they criminals with Billy the Kid. I wanted the information, but didn’t want to do the work. Last night, I stumbled onto a FB page called Onward to the Past, and there I saw the name Karl-Michael Sala, and I asked him if I find a few names could he help me? After putting my Family Tree on, Karl found many names I had not even heard of, dating back to the 1700’s, and in just a few short hours’ time! He has a wealth of information at his fingertips, and comes up with a lot of information you don’t even know is out there! Extremely pleased with the work he has done, thanks a bunch Karl! You’re the best!”

She went on to state her commitment to spread

the word about our amazingly rapid-research time.  I quickly cherry-picked & found NUMEROUS data, documents & images & posted them to SEVERAL specific individuals in her MICKEL Family Tree.

After having advised her to be wary of the early-era research posted (due to lack of documentation), we proved to her that Neither the two target ancestors–Nor their parents–had been born in Germany. 

Going back a few generations, we get a place of origin, but the documentation is sooo weak, that we asked her to take it all with a grain of salt–that is, until we can do the raw, original research for her.

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