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Oh gosh. More new milestones being set in German Genealogy!

Larger retainers, less clients for German Genealogy research. Yes!  Larger retainers give us enough to sink our teeth into a case & get our German Genealogy research clients more bank for their buck.  OK, call it more ancestral family members from the parish registers of various European countries.  We’re talking Poland Genealogy & more. 

We now have THREE German Genealogy research prospects for Ahnenforschung (German Genealogy research) in the Catholic records near Fulda, formerly Hessen-Nassau, Germany. So, Andrea, now’s your last chance to get on board for this trip.  $3600 is your minimum, but $5,000 to $25,000 is preferred.  Why? So, we don’t have to STOP research YOUR ancestral family members.

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