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Political Borders of Europe from 1519 to 2006 & Germany from 1789 to 2005 (Music: Brahms Waltz 1865) writes: If the images anywhere on our site do not appear, then click on the refresh button (usually two encircling arrows). And here we only BEGIN to comprehend the bizarre nature & history of the geography of Europe–& then Germany–in two separate videos found on YouTube. While they are not perfect, it indeed shows the inane difficulty of trying to ascertain the geography & boundaries of anything we might have known as Allemania, Germany, Prussia, Deutschland, etc.:

gilgtc | September 19, 2008 | 361 likes, 193 dislikes
Note: As suggested by mikolajoskierko (thanks) in the comments section, this map should more appropriately be entitled Political Borders of Germania from 1789 to 2005 since Germany did not exist as a state until 1871. Nevertheless, I will keep it as Germany because although such nuances are important, they are extraneous to the main point of this particular movie.

…My first map abt European political borders:

The individual maps can be found here:

Images are in Wikipedia.

Music: Johannes Brahms – Waltz (1865)

Note: I am not affiliated with the websites, I just made this out of pure curiosity.

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