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Link to this sample German Genealogy Research Report on (24/7/365)

In their prime to latter sun-setting years, is gifted & talented for finding what other researchers could not find in 3 decades! Stunning is the best word about the experience, expertise & tenacity with which Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala have cracked numerous German Genealogy research cases. They’ve found much for clients, patrons & themselves. What could they find for you!? Email them your search query or quest today: or to read some stunning research success:
Sample stunning research report:
Reinhol(d)(t) HORN’s USA research & parish of origin ascertained from NY & Hamburg Passenger Lists; then researched further in the newly ascertained parish, both online & in microfilm! Stunning data, documents & images from Tirschtiegel, Posen, Prussia! Encompasses just about everything!
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