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Slovakia/Hungary genealogy research case cracked by German Genealogy professional–ONLINE!

The Cave Creek, Arizona patron at the Mesa Regional Family History Center was painstakingly using numerous Slovakia/Hungary microfilms, assuming it would be easier.

No. The online church records for the location in Slovakia/Hungary was way easier & more rapidly navigable, switching from births, to marriages, to deaths & back!

We quickly found her Andreas born in 1855 as expected.  It gave the parents: Joannes & Maria!  We digitally preserved the image to her flash drive & she continued the research!  Now to get their marriage, sometime about 1855 or before!  A couple of clicks & scrolling a few pages, there we are, burning that image!

She had been trying to find this for a year now, so, we are pleased that within 15 minutes, Karl-Michael Sala aka, an expert German Genealogist since 1979, found two new ancestors!

Karl joked with the patron that she owes him a cheeseburger{:>)

Where much is given, much is expected & required. Who’s next?  Want to come to Mesa/Phoenix?

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