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The Tech of German Genealogy

I am now

I am not only a charter & continuing member of the subscription website,–one of the pioneers in online genealogy research–but also a former key research employee who knew the search engines along with the tech of how to do the research for clients, patrons, family members & friends.

So much so, that I was hand-picked to initialize the Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line (PEARL; my selected name won the contest, but it was never officially adopted).  Who was 2nd?  My wife, Lynell Rae Pierce Sala!

When that was tearfully disbanded, I served as the primary European research consultant for[utschland].  I fielded the majority of the research-oriented calls & emails from native Europeans from various European countries.  When that, too, was disbanded, Lynell & I opted to launch  It has been the best thing we ever did!

The Tech of German Genealogy?  Each case is its own!

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