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You know you’ve arrived when prospects research & Google you; then call you at home{;>)

ell, I wish it were for German Genealogy research, but it was for a $500/day online Google Adwords acct.

Mark L., who actually happens to live in my neck of the woods, investigated me personally to ensure that my calling a friend of his was no scam. It’s not, so after a great conversation which encouraged him, he’ll be emailing me his URL & data for consideration. Or, perhaps, he just looked me up online & read my profile at Either way, based on what he read, he thought my profile indicated that I seemed like I might be more than qualified to work his account.

I do the same thing at work: Some call with Google-oriented customer service questions. I consult & counsel & solve what I can. Then, I offer the complimentary account build (if they qualify).

It is not publicized, but my Google Adwords clients now have 2,000,000+ impressions (ad online showings) & 10,000+ clicks! Clicks means they went to the website’s landing page affixed by one of our astounding Marketing Campaign Specialists.

Yesterday, I signed up a Texas vehicle hauler for $250/day budget. It took some time, but he is now enthused that we’ll be building his account (takes about 3-5 business days, because, due to popularity of online advertising, the queue is getting ever longer. I’m both bragging & complaining.)

Interested? Call me at 1-800-826-9988 opt. 1 x23738 9-6pm PST

Email your details to

Oh, & if you’re interested in USA, immigration or Euro-Germanic, Germany or Prussia genealogy, I’m still your man. OK, Lynell is, too{;>)

I have now 46+ endearing endorsements on; & that’s just since 2008! & that’s just from folks who happen to be on Linkedin!

At, we ascertain the needs of the customer & fulfill those usually even better than they thought we could. If they qualify with a substantial budget, for no cost other than the Cost-per-Click (CPC), we can usually build an advertising campaign for them; give them a 2-wk & a 4-wk Search Engine Marketing Optimization (SEMO).

Wow, what a great Saturday–& I’m not even at work! What would some online target-marketing be worth to you, your mission & vision? <

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