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Karl Schipper’s Endorsement for German Family History Research Done By Karl-Michael Sala!

Endorsement for Family History Research Done By Karl-Michael Sala,
Ancestral Germanic Genealogist since 1979! since 2008!

Having hired Karl-Michael Sala saved me dollars, efforts, frustration & research time! During 2007-2008, Karl and his wife, Lynell, meticulously researched my ancestral family members from several villages in and around Kreis Rastenburg in Ostpreussen (East Prussia), 1884 – 1741. I provided Karl the name of the ancestral village (Ploetnick) and sufficient data to provide the foundation of the family tree. Karl found them not only in Plötnick, but going back in time, he also ascertained and researched a few other nearby parishes or origin for other ancestral family members!

Karl is adamant about having a firm foundation upon which to work. This is because he has often found cracks or flaws in the research already done by the client. A firm foundation significantly reduces the risk of researching the wrong family, saving time and money.

The ability to obtain records from East Prussia is usually problematic, for many parish registers & churches of Prussia were destroyed during World Wars 1 and 2. In my case, Karl was able to locate microfilmed records right here in the USA for the target European locations. A cost-saving service Karl provides is to verify that records exist and that the family name is truly in the records–before he takes on the project!

Karl and Lynell do more than just provide data for a family tree. The records they locate usually contain other interesting facts that are given to the client. For example, one of my 4th great-grandfather’s, a widower, age 50. an innkeeper, marries my 4th great grandmother, age 23. Their first child was born 2 months later and they had an additional 5 children afterwards. This method of providing data makes the ancestors real–instead of just a series of dates and places. He also provided very detailed images (1:100,000) of pre-WW1 and modern maps showing locations of ancestral family members’ villages.

Karl provides detailed sources for each datum he provides. Foreign language documents written in the old Germanic Handschrift (digital or paper) are highlighted showing the data referred to. This provides documentation that assures even the unschooled client that the data Karl provides is accurate. He also provides names of web sites the client may be interested in perusing more about the history of the area of ancestral origin.

If a client wishes, Karl also takes on the role of research instructor. This allows the client to follow his work and learn the process he goes through. He is happy to share his research knowledge. As a Detroit auto engineer, who is a stickler for details, I am grateful to have learned much from Karl about the research process.

Karl Schipper

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Endorsement by Lois Jurss, a client with Prussian ancestry & genealogy!

How do I put an endorsement on your website?‏
From: Lois [Jurss] (
Sent: Tue 6/02/09 4:30 PM
To: Karl and Lynell Sala (

[Hi Karl!] Here is something I sent to my genealogy buddies –

For me my brick wall was for my maternal ancestry. You see[,] my [Reinhol(d)(t) Horn, his wife & children] great grandparents all immigrated to the US around 1860.

I knew everything as far back as them getting on the boat to come [to the USA]. What I could not do was research that involved going back in to Prussia. If any of you have previously tried to do this, you would have learned that there is much more than a language barrier.

In 1920, Germany officially changed the alphabet. As if reading any old handwritten document isn’t challenging, try using a different language in an alphabet [and handscript] that has been changed. Several years ago I asked some people that I worked with to read something handwritten in [the old] German [handwriting]. They explained to me that only a few of the very old Germans know how to read this.

And so I had given up on making any further finds overseas.

[In 2007, by telephone, I was referred to] a man who is a [long-time, proven] professional German genealogist. [Based on the data I gave him of what I already knew about my immigrant ancestral family, Karl-Michael Sala aka] told me that he could make progress where I had made none. [I was pleasantly surprised that Karl even asked me in advance as to whether I would compensate him IF he found the place of origin for my ancestor! I agreed. I passed on my information and He clearly found it, so I paid him the reasonable fee, for he was extremely successful within just four hours’ research.]

He found my mother’s grandfather and several more family members [having been born, married & died] in Prussia. Where they live in today’s world is actually [now known as] Poland. So again, there is a huge complexity here to understand[, i.e.] not only the written language but the many border changes [in several modern-day countries of Eastern Europe of what was Prussia & partially what we all now call “Germany.”]

He also worked on my mothers maternal line (KREUDER) and was able to find information that is just amazing. The end result is a book that detailed my ancestry and even has [digital graphically embedded images] of the original documents.

I offer this letter to you all as testament to a very [personable,] talented and professional researcher[: Karl-Michael Sala aka 602-503-0775 = 1-888-456-7252 (both 24-hr #s; leave a detailed message]

Lois Lynn Jurss

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