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1652 Dec 19 death In Oberderdingen, Württemberg of Anna Marja Kegel age 8y 1652-8=1644

No that is not the 10th month, but rather a Dec–as in decade, decathlon, December! Sometimes it is written as Xbr.

With the shaded areas of this image, here you can better view the specific scanner shading we are able to add or take away when the image is too dark. It has been absolutely crucial in some cases to have had the ability to lighten or darken certain portions of certain images.

Gratitude be given to Microfilm ScanPro2000 devices made by e-image data. Two of these are found in the Mesa Regional Family History Center.

I believe we are approaching 1,000 images preserved for these numerous Bayern & Württemberg surnames & villages! We thank our Heavenly Father for the gifts of technology in these latter-days. We are continuing to turn the hearts of the children (we descendants) to our fore[families]! This, as a part of His plan to bring to pass the immortality & eternal life of man.

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