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South African German Genealogy massive successes shared on the Facebook South Africa Genealogy Community page!

Karl-Michael Sala Hannie, et al. South African admins! My 2nd largest client ever was a S. African who wanted a German passport, so he hired Lynell & me to crack all 4 of his German lineages: Germany (2); Lithuania (1) & Poland (1)!  · 1Jan Mitchell Edwards likes this.

 Hannie Nel Hello Karl, did you come right with finding all the lineages? 🙂

Karl-Michael Sala Each & every one! Long stories, of course. But, omigosh, soo very satisfying. My wife, Lynell, does not even speak German, but she singlehandedly cracked one of the matriarchal German lineages on that case! Just one short solution: When the “front & back doors” (the professionally-accepted, i.e. textbook places to look) were locked (failed), she went to the records of a larger nearby town–& unusually, there she was! I would not have done it. So, remember the genealogy researcher formula: 1+1 >2! And, don’t you forget it, Baba Louie{;>)

  • Karl-Michael Sala Caveat Researchor{:>) consulting the records of the nearest large town will usually NOT be the answer!

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