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Professional German Genealogy vs Pro Bono German Genealogy has cracked 4+ Poland genealogy research cases–& that’s just since June 2011 ! One was the Ukraine!

Some were pro bono! We’ve finally been able to give hundreds of $ worth of our time & $ back to the genealogy community: an administrator giving pro bono time for patrons for FamilySearch on the Germany/Prussia & the Poland Genealogy Research Community Facebook pages; monetary donations to & Wikimedia, et al.

Since 1979: we’ve found thousands of data, documents & images for thousands of ancestral family members for thousands of patrons, clients & ourselves.

Our biggest paying clients have found Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala aka via our website, which has been Search Engine Optimized #1 for over 2 years now. If you’d like SEO, email your budget to my webmaster:

My experiments with posting on forums has been next to useless–other than the ones I created. I am not selling to the 99–I’m only looking for the ONE! This is a niche market, & we specialize in a niche of the niche.

Those who refer people to me will earn a 10% residual reward! Since Memorial Day 2010, two clients have paid me an average of $20,000 apiece. Had they been your referrals that would’ve netted you a $4,000 check & even more, for one of them is still sending more!

My clients, coaches & colleagues not only give a horse’s patoot (quoting one of my naysayers), they put their endorsements & their $ where they see value–in the proven European research couple of! Read now 73+ endearing endorsements on Linkedin!

My gosh, Mark, Tom & other naysayers: Why do you think hand-picked Lynell & me to initialize their online & on-the-phone research team? Yes, THE very 1st two persons! Most of the people with whom I worked wrote kudos. Since ACOM, we have set sail, except it is back to the Old World for our clients{;>)

Quit rocking our boat & sabotaging our dream for clients whose names you & we do not yet know. Your having cut me out merely kept the word from reaching those who need me.

Spread the word, for time is short. If you don’t like my message, you can–as Twitter used to say–just mosey on{;>) Would you agree, William, et al?

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