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World War 1: 8.3 MILLION German Soldiers’ List

World War 1: 8.3 MILLION German Soldiers’ List! I wonder if my great-grandfather is on it? I’m outta here to find the handle-bar Kaiser Wilhelm mustachioed guy who is wearing a vest & a hat, on the lower far right, the leader of the street construction crew,. You know–the cobblestone! I have his WW1 Military ID even. Karl Friedrich Viehmann is the name, but was known as “Fritz,” just as was my grandfather, his son.

Oh, heck,! You led me on. Can’t you state that it is only pertaining to Bayern? Yes, I realize some of the soldiers were not from Bayern, but you could still clarify in your ad!

On this ad, you should have indicated in a shorter fashion: Soldaten aus dem Deutschen Reich: In der Bayerischen Armee dienten nicht nur Bayern, sondern auch zahlreiche Soldaten aus dem gesamten Deutschen Reich, vor allem bei den Piloten der Luftstreitkräfte.

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  1. Izora

    looking for irvin family possibly from berlin

  2. Great. Now, to narrow down m/y/our search, please provide more details on the specific target ancestor, spouse, children, to include approximate years & birth, migration, marriage, death, whatever you know. This, so that we might pin down the right ones. Please email details to After emailing, then call 1-888-456-7252 or 480-507-3316

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