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Professional German Genealogy Research Publishing?

Karl posted on a Linkedin Genealogy Group post about publishing:

Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979! • Historically, speaking as the researcher for many family history books that are already published,

    both the author AND the publisher were overly anxious & zealous to “…just get the thing published.”

This, prior to the appropriate quantity & quality of research that SHOULD have been done prior to the ultimate publication.

Yes, we are talking minor & major errors of omission & commission. Heaps of mistakes & miscellany.

There. I feel a whole lot better now. Cheap therapy.

I hope this encourages you to NOT quickly publish, unless, of course, it is online with the Wiki-oriented intent to have others contribute, comment, append, edit, follow-up, research, send you funding, etc.

And when that funding ($1,000 – $100,000) is secured, you know whom to contact:

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