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Using 1866 “Germany” or rather, “German Empire” Gazetteer, The German Genealogist cracks yet another case.

Mohsau Mozow PolandEncyklopädie der Erd-, Völker- und Staatenkunde

Charmaine Carstens wrote: [Karl-Michael Sala went] From just a name [all the way] to a map of my ancestors place of origin is under two hours.[!] Thank you Karl-Michael.

Karl-Michael Sala replied: Ah, Charmaine Carstens, Gladly happened, they say in German. This is why I get paid the big blessings & sometimes even the big bucks. & this is precisely why I do not charge by the hour [for German Genealogy research]. Question: What makes you think I have the right place?

Charmaine Carstens: It’s a gut feeling. Just sounds right.

Charmaine Carstens: I stopped doing research for other people because people do not realize how much time it can take to find somebody. I’ve been looking non stop almost 14 years now for my grandfather without knowing anything more than what I started out with. I’ve spent weeks in various archives and nothing.

Mohsau Mozow Poland

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