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Continuous volunteer German Genealogy efforts for patrons by

‎”Karl-Michael Sala! Help me find my ancestors–before I become one!” –a young client.

A 2-hour focused volunteer effort at the Mesa, Arizona Regional Family History Center by an LDS convert today helped a patron–also an LDS convert–crack a German case he had been working for decades!

From an 1880 Census, all the patron, Richard Malchow of Meeker, Colorado, knew was “Mecklenburg.”

Karl-Michael Sala was working for another client, but overheard some buzz about “can’t find” and “German”–keywords that make Karl’s ears get very pointy{:>)

Long & detailed story short: Within one hour: Karl found W[ilhel]m Malchow on the NY Passenger List (USA Immigration), ascertained the SS Hammonia had sailed out of Hamburg.

Found the same departing ship also in the Hamburg Passenger List (Germany Emigration) Direct Index for 1872; went to the actual digital image of the HPL & there was given the name of the place of origin: Wardow, indeed in Mecklenburg!

Then using a Mecklenburg German gazetteer, it gives the Evangelical Lutheran parish: Laage!

FamilySearch verified that there are 3 microfilms to order, which include the requisite 1848 possible year of birth for the target ancestor: Wilhelm Malchow!

Karl is meeting with Brother Malchow tomorrow @ 9 am to continue the process! Wish us well!? More

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