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1979 – 2011 German Genealogist milestones & records!

German Genealogist & German Genealogy (USA, immigration, emigration, & several European countries) |

Hosted by Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral Genealogist since 1979 (former PRIMARY & Euro-Researcher)! Send your query today! Free consult for USA, Immigration & mid-European…

Expensive?  Oh, no Ma’am.  Expensive is when you spend 30 years just TRYING to find what we usually DO FIND in 1 day, 1 month or even 1 year!

  • Karl-Michael Sala On, since just 2008, I have 63+ endearing endorsements from coaches, colleagues, clients! No, not connections, actual letters of commendation, gratitude, kudos, wow letters.

  • Karl-Michael Sala Just since June 2011, we’ve cracked numerous mid-European cases: Poland & Hungary!

  • Karl-Michael Sala Since 2010, we’ve received our largest client retainers–ever–from two clients!  These have enabled us to set new milestones & records.

  • Karl-Michael Sala Since Jan 2011: We have found more client ancestral family members in more locations in Baden, Bayern & Württemberg–in less time–than ever.

  • Karl-Michael Sala Since 2011:’s YouTube videos are SEO’d #1 THROUGH 7!

  • Karl-Michael Sala By the way, in 1995, after a near-death experience, I was told to give up being a German Genealogist. Ha!  Look at me now, naysayers!

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