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“German Genealogy” keyword has sometimes as #1 in Google’s Search Engine!

Finally! To our clients, we are Superman! We’ve been called Experts, Genies, Heroes, Renaissance Man, the Michael Jordan of German Genealogy, et al.

As a very small business, a small partnership, a Mom & Pop research entity, indeed, as underdogs, we are proud to have Google-edged out & handily victored over the big genealogy boys & girls, firms, etc. We don’t have the working capital that these guys have.

The Underdog can occasionally be on top! We deserve it, for we have actually helped HUNDREDS to find their ancestral family members! We’ve specifically helped clients, patrons & our own family members to find what they’ve been seeking for up to 3 decades!

What would finding data & images on your ancestor mean to you? What would that be worth to you? Make your pledge TODAY. Email or

Call Lynell & Karl Sala today & make your offer! 1-602-503-0775 = 1-888-456-7252

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