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22 June 2010: Another German Genealogy case (NOLL) cracked for a long-time researcher. How? The USA Census UNUSUALLY gave the name of the town of origin in Germany! Another way we SAVE our clients THOUSANDS of $, efforts, frustration & time!

We got through ANOTHER BrickWall !

The client claims to have done all the USA research! Not quite. He asked for us to help in finding just where his ancestors originated in Germany.

It continues to prove that PRIOR TO CROSSING THE OCEAN, you usually MUST FIRM UP THE FOUNDATION!

Now that the client has further pledged & revealed that he already had the data we found, we’ll reveal the name of the place: Brisen, [Germany]! OK, now the client gives me the supporting evidence that the target ancestor’s brother was from Ahrweiler, Rhineland. So, let’s hope we find one of the twenty places named Brisen, et var. near Ahrweiler! German Genealogy research service will now continue! Paul Zech, a poet & novelist, shown on page 887 of this book was born in “Briesen, Rhineland.” Hmm, to find this Briesen, et var., we’re going to have to try some spelling variations.

So, tell us: What would this be worth to you?

I know: As German Genealogy specialists, we gamble with whether people will pay or not, but if they contact ME/US through MY/OUR website, I assume they are good for it.

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