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Aren’t you tired of researching & posting (in vain, for naught, umsonst) your German Genealogy ancestry research data, dilemma, doozy, enquiry, inquest, problem, query, zinger?

Good.  Then, is it not high time to get the able counsel & wisdom of a German Genealogy research couple who have been cracking cases for THREE DECADES? Since 1979: THOUSANDS of data, documents & images found for THOUSANDS of ancestral family member for HUNDREDS of clients, friends, family & patrons!

Regardless of the spelling of your Germanic surname, Karl &/or Lynell Sala would like to (re)solve your research problem &/or help you crack & solve your case. On your initial USA, immigration or Euro-German research online retainer, you are granted a whopping 50% discount.  This includes any global country in which your German ancestor migrated or lived.

81+ endorsements on (& that’s just since July 2008!–& that’s just from folks who happen to be on Linkedin!  Hundreds more from people who were never online at all !

Since Memorial Day 2010 thru 31 Dec 2010: 10 cases cracked in 10 locations! Germany, Lithuania & Poland.

31 Dec 2011:  100+ Germany cases cracked; 10+ Poland; 2 Russia

; 1 Hungary! Hundreds more ancestral family members found.  Yes, we can decipher the Old German Handwriting better than 99% of the natives.  Why? The natives no longer use the script.  We read & translate the old German Handschrift every week.

We do much more than just Germany.  Who’s next? You & your referrals, that’s who!  For referrals, you will gladly earn a 10% residual reward!

We intend to continue taking down from the shelves
Numerous of your ancestral family members in 2012!
Hire us now or certainly wish us well;
How many we’ll find, only time will tell !

If 2011 is any sort of an historical indication
We’ll find THOUSANDS & bolster our reputation!
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Give us a shot at firming up your family tree!

Most people have thousands of $ of research to be done.
That is, unless the document you seek is only equal to one.
We assemble entire families as much as we can
Now, sell off unwanted items & raise funds at hand.

You really don’t need that cruise to Jamaica
Let us show you where your retainer can take ya!
You’ll get twice as much as that for which you pay,
At least that’s what we & our clients often will say!

Lynell &/or Karl-Michael Sala
5010 E Cheyenne Dr #1023
Phoenix AZ 85044-1733 USA
Both 24-hr #s CALL ANYTIME: 1-888-456-7252 or 602-865-9695 (mobile)

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