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5 March 2012 Report of German & Poland Genealogy Research by Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala of

“Kaiser/King” Karl-Michael Sala reports: My massive 2-month pro bono Europe genealogy research experience on FB has come to a positive conclusion: It will continue on a minor basis{:>) I cracked more cases in 2 months than in any previous 2 months of my last 30+ years of genealogy research. I will now only help what/whom David Sobanski of the Poland Genealogy Research Community (FamilySearch’s FB communities) called the “Road-Rashed.” I will serve as QC, QA, & Arbitrator, go where others cannot or will not go, to include where others have never gone before, seeking out old life forms (ok, you get the idea{:>). I have cultivated some die-hard fans, friends, patrons & even two clients who have “had my back” & supported me through some challenging & even negative posts. To get my attention, obtain, pay for, retain my services, you can/may/might/should PayPal MFHM1979@HOTMAIL.COM Phone? 480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252

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