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My website has been SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized for about 2 years now.  My biggest clients found ME via the search terms “German Genealogist.”  So, I am very grateful today for the services of Paul Johnson, my webmaster, shown here with Karl-Michael Sala.  Here you can see my left-side facial palsy, a remnant of a 1995 Near-death Experience.  email Paul:

With this SEO position, it has enable me to serve, among many clients, a client for whom we have researched, accessed, found & digitized 1,000+ digital images from both Evangelical Lutheran & Catholic parish registers in Baden, Bayern & Württemberg!  We have set many new milestones.

Another Milestone?  And just since June 2011, for 3 other clients, we have cracked 4 Poland Genealogy research cases! Janetzki, Krause, Kindel & Spilizewski!

One of those clients served as a Military Policeman at Rothwesten, at the same time as my father was a radio maintenance technician–abt. 1950-52. They did not know each other, but the man & I, of course, hit it off quite well.  So, here I am, an offspring of another USAF member at the very same USAF base, who pro-created me in Germany, now doing this MP’s East Europe genealogy!  How interesting.

Another client was a former classmate from Walter E. Stebbins High School in Dayton, Ohio.  He connected with me on Facebook. 

On, my 7-8 videos also rule the search terms “German Genealogy” & “GermanGenealogist” & “German Genealogist.”

My next goal is to get SEO’d to #1 for the search term “German Genealogy.”  Lots of competition on that keyword.

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  1. That’s wonderful Karl-Michael. Good for you and congratulations.

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